IBM Cloud Event Notifications
Designed expressly for cloud-native app developers who want to connect, build, govern and simplify projects
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With cloud-native dev, speed matters

IBM Cloud Event Notifications addresses the need for speed in cloud-native development by providing a central location for notification connection and routing between services or human operators automatically and rapidly enabling developers to decouple sources, destinations and code — modifying routes and filters quickly, with no impact to code.

Benefits Build event-driven apps

Set up an eventing framework for your apps and automation in just a few minutes.

Integrate without code

Connect to notification channels without writing integration codes into your app.

Catch problems quickly

Alert involved parties and trigger automation processes when notable events occur.

Send what matters most

Filter incoming events into topics of interest and target users and services sets.

Use cases

Hybrid financial transaction systems A user initiates a wire transfer request via mobile app. Event Notifications routes that request to other services.

CI/CD pipeline security scans A user initiates or schedules a job for a security vulnerability check through Continuous Delivery toolchains.

Healthcare image processing An app uploads an MRI scan to Cloud Object Storage. Event Notifications then sends out multiple texts as needed.

IoT smart appliances An IoT “washing machine cycle” completes. Event Notifications send out texts and reports and archives the event.

Centralized alert routing Route alerts from a single dashboard. Learn more Filtered source events

Filter incoming events into one or more topics.

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Targeted webhooks

Send event notifications to any webhook.

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Broad distribution

Route events from one source to many destinations.

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