Network Transit Gateway IBM Cloud Transit Gateway
Securely connect IBM® Cloud® Virtual Private Cloud and IBM Cloud® classic infrastructure
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What is IBM Cloud®Transit Gateway? IBM Cloud Transit Gateway helps you connect and manage your IBM Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks.
Benefits Global routing

Deliver your applications around the world, with global routing across the IBM Cloud network.

Operational ease

Simplify your network and build applications — without managing a distributed network.

Global network

Scale and share IBM Cloud services  like IBM classic infrastructure resources and IBM VPCs.

Capacity growth

Grow capacity quickly and easily by smoothing the impact of peak demands on workloads.

Private network

Keep traffic within the IBM Cloud network without traversing the public internet.

Easily manage interconnections Routing options

Supports local and global routing

Privacy controls

Uses IBM private network to reduce threat vector

Centralized management

Centralizes private network across connections

High availability

Provides global solutions with a 99.99% SLA

Private interconnectivity

Privately interconnects VPCs in a number of variations

Use cases

Connect cloud-native apps High availability, disaster recovery and edge access

Extend applications Optimized elasticity and global reach of public cloud
Capacity management Peak capacity and centralized management

Routing options Local routing

Provides interconnectivity to accessible resources in the same IBM Cloud MZR within an account

Global routing

Expands connection capabilities to accessible MZRs and resources in your account

Multi-account routing

Allows enterprises with multiple accounts to interconnect VPC resources and classic infrastructure

Optimized routing

Provides support for multiple transit gateways per VPC, achieving traffic isolation

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