Analyst Research and Best Practices on Talent Acquisition in the Retail Industry
Madeline Laurano, VP and Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group, talks about the retail industry’s unique recruiting challenges. She also offers suggestions for improving the recruiting function and meeting the unique needs of retail companies.

Why Recruitment is Marketing
The fact that recruiters say they would not rehire 39% of their recent hires exposes a fault in the classic, reactive recruitment strategy. Listen to this episode to gain an understanding of how a “recruitment is marketing” approach to talent acquisition provides employers the opportunity to build a pipeline of the right candidates so that when a position opens up a relationship is in place, increasing the chance of converting qualified talent into viable candidates or referrals. Recruitment is evolving; it’s time to start treating your candidates like consumers.
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Changing the Talent Game: Find and Keep More Rock Stars on Your Team with Analytics
With top performing talent in high demand, HR leaders need to change how they recruit, engage, develop, and retain people in order to optimize business results. Recent advances in the technology and application of talent analytics provide a key strategy that all HR leaders need to add to their HR toolbox. Listen to the podcast here.

Talent Analytics in the New Era of Cognitive Computing
Analytic tools have, historically, been difficult to use and required heavy IT lifting in order to get the most out of them. What if an analytics system learned and continued to learn as it experienced new information, new scenarios, and new responses. This is referred to as Cognitive Computing and is key to providing an analytics system that is easy to use but extremely powerful. Listen to the podcast here.