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Cognitive Technologies are Critical to Improving Healthcare

In the United States today, three-quarters of the people who suffer from rare diseases are children, according to the NIH. Making matters worse, it’s often difficult to detect and diagnose rare diseases for kids, since youngsters can’t describe symptoms the way adults can. This is why IBM is working with Boston Children’s Hospital on a project […]

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Retooling Businesses for the API Economy

If you doubt that a 200-year-old institution can reinvent itself using modern, disruptive technology, think again. Last year, a major American bank launched a series of hackathons to give software developers around the globe a shot at cash prizes for creating mobile apps accessing its core banking services via Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs. The […]

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What it Takes to Reinvent Supercomputing–Over and Over Again

I’m not usually a big fan of anniversaries (except my wedding day, of course), but I make an exception when it comes to IBM’s collaboration with the US Government on supercomputing. Today is the 20th anniversary of the Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative–a Department of Energy program that has safeguarded America’s nuclear weapon arsenal and, and […]

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Live Blogging from the Cognitive Colloquium

7:00 PM ET Embodied Cognition Session Chair: Dr. Guru Banavar, Vice President, Cognitive Computing Research, IBM Research Dr. Myron (Ron) Diftler, Robonaut Project Leader, NASA Johnson Space Center Dr. Gaurav Sukhatme, Co-Director, Robotics Research Lab, University of Southern California Paul Hermes, Entrepreneur in Residence, Medtronic Grady Booch, Chief Scientist for Software Engineering, IBM Research Some […]

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Fulfilling the Promise of Smarter Cities

Amazing things are happening in Madrid, Spain. Government leaders in this city of 3 million people are transforming the way they manage and pay for city services provided by outside firms: services covering everything from street maintenance and irrigation of trees to garbage pickup. Instead of paying for effort, they’re paying for results. This big […]

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The Rise of Cognitive Business

When the original Watson won on the TV quiz show Jeopardy! in 2011, it was one computer tucked away in a room at IBM Research. Now it’s in our cloud, available anywhere. Back then, Watson consisted of a single software application powered by five core technologies. Today, it includes 28 cognitive services. Each represents a […]

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