Cognitive Delivery – Increasing activities locally

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For more than a decade, a major part of strategic outsourcing has been equal to labor arbitrage, where operational tasks around IT operation has be outsourced to places with lower labor costs. Cognitive delivery makes automation of IT operations much more advanced than ever seen before. The technology provides the option to move tasks back to local execution and hereby eliminate several uncertainties.

Cognitive technology has taken us on a journey from being reactive through to proactive, and finally ending in predictive. Therefore, we have gone from ‘firefighting’ to ‘smoke detection’ – initially reacting when the damage is done, to now counting hours to react before impact.

Predictive Insights automatically learns and predicts, enabling it to give you an early warning, but it takes time to build knowledge – even for machines. The good part is that you can accelerate the learning by loading historical data from comparable installations, such as the data lake collected by IBM

Regardless if you start from scratch without history or leverage from the IBM data lake, there is a good reason to start the cognitive journey as soon as possible, due to significant gain, remarkable reduction of incidents, less dependency on key-people in the organization, and constantly improved delivery quality.

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