Announcing IBM Cloud Lite

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No credit card required, no expiration date !
With the new IBM Cloud Lite account, developers can get hands on with the cloud, using Watson, Kubernetes, Data/analytics services, IoT and more. It’s perfect for building creative, connected apps from day one, without making any up-front investment or commitment.

You can take as much time as needed to get familiarized with IBM Cloud and the advanced Watson services included, without submitting your credit card information. Through IBM Cloud Lite, you focus on developing new solutions, not managing billing.

Get a quick overview of the new solution, in this short video:

Key features

  • 256 MB of instantaneous Cloud Foundry runtime memory
  • 2 GB with Kubernetes Clusters.

Access to usage capped plans for select services, such as

  • API Connect,
  • Watson Conversation,
  • Watson Speech to Text,
  • Internet of Things Platform,
  • Data Science Experience

Check out the full list of available services and sign up here.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me at

Vice President, IBM Cloud Nordic

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