Preparing for Instant Payments in a Digital Economy

As the commercial banking landscape transforms rapidly to adapt to an increasingly digital world, it’s clear that client-demand-led schemes like faster payments are challenging the traditional paradigms we’ve held sacred for decades. This is resulting in direct pressure on financial institutions to adapt faster and place a premium on innovation now – more than ever […]

Digital Experience

The Business Value of IBM Digital Experience Solutions

Creating, managing and delivering first-class digital experiences is mission-critical for brands today, but consistently delivering that great experience has never been more challenging. Your response to both internal and external changes has to be lightning fast. You have to duplicate the message across more and more channels. And even though expectations are higher, you still […]

B2B Integration

3 Guiding Principles for Efficient Managed File Transfer Workflow

Files and goods travel across the globe – across countries, continents, and hemispheres. Innumerable transactions occur every minute. Without a way to monitor them, it’s chaos. To have real management and control, you need visibility into what’s really going on. You and your team need access to information, with processes simple enough to promote frequent […]

Five Ways That Cognitive and Watson Are Changing Digital Commerce

There’s been a major shift. From Marketing to Merchandising to Customer Experience, the way we engage with customers is changing at a tremendous pace. Customers expect full-circle personalization. They expect us to know who they are and what they want throughout their purchasing journey. As a marketer or merchandiser, the only way to keep up […]

Overcoming the Barriers to B2B Integration: A Universal Approach to Data Standards

Industry standards are designed to make it easier for organizations to exchange information. Many industries, including healthcare, financial services, and insurance, rely on standards-based data to speed up business processes and enable streamlined data transformation. We all know manual processes can slow down workflows and introduce errors, which is why automating standards-based data processing is […]

IBM World of Watson Tweet Chat: Embedding Cognitive for Insightful Actions

Are you ready for the next digital revolution? Welcome to the cognitive computing era. Next week at World of Watson, you’ll discover how cognitive computing is redefining how we live and work. You’ll learn how IBM Watson can address the most complex business challenges, provide critical insights and empower professionals to unleash their potential and […]

It’s Time for the Grocery Industry to Forge Its Mobile Digital Blueprint

Like many people, I enjoy discovering locally sourced produce or a new seasonal beer as I meander down the aisles of my local grocery store, yet time poverty usually forces me to forego these leisurely shopping experiences. We love living in Cleveland, Ohio; however, options such as Amazon Fresh, Instacart and Peapod tend to favor […]

Cognitive Procurement on Display at IBM Empower 2016

IDC estimates that by 2020, half of all business analytics software will incorporate cognitive computing functionality.1 The nonprofit Pew Research Center echoes that point: “By 2025, artificial intelligence will be built into the architecture of countless functions of business and communication, increasing relevance, reducing noise, increasing efficiency and reducing risk across everything from finding information […]

5 “Musts” for Commerce at IBM World of Watson 2016

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions? How can I better understand customer preferences and online behaviors? How can I find out what types of digital content are having the biggest influence on sales? How can I exceed customers’ ever-increasing expectations… giving them what they want, when and where they want it? I’m […]

Why Cognitive is Transforming Order Fulfillment

With the proliferation of Omni-channel commerce, the complexity of global supply chains, and ever increasing customer expectations, order management has never been more critical. But, the costs and complexity of providing this level of service are straining the limits of traditional order management systems. Current OMS systems are struggling and margins are shrinking. How can […]

Why Owning Mobile Payments Is Good for Retailers and Their Customers: Part Two

In our first blog in this series we talked about the issues facing consumers like Becky when they try to checkout with a mobile device in their favorite brands’ stores using loyalty, rewards and coupons in a single transaction. While third-party mobile payments solutions have benefits for Becky, she usually ends up having to fumble […]

The Future of Shopping

The Future of Shopping We watch movies about the future, we read articles about the changes we’ll see as the result of new technology, but it’s not often we get to hear projections from industry leaders and a noted futurist about what a business will look like twenty years from now. That’s exactly the experience […]