Digital Experience

A Smarter Way Back to School

Back-to-school shopping is definitely not what it used to be. Sure, our moms dragged us from store to store so we could try on pants and look for supplies. And yes, sometimes they didn’t have what you needed at the first store and you had to make another trip. But the school shopping scene has […]


The Future of Procurement: Cognitive Technologies – Get Ahead of the Competition with 6 Key Projects

Cognitive computing – technologies that can learn and reason – are being applied with increasing frequency by leading Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 companies. IDC, the highly respected technology research firm, estimates that by 2020, 50 percent of all business analytics software will incorporate cognitive computing functionality.[1] Cognitive technology isn’t merely an iteration of today’s […]

Customer Analytics

The ABCs of Mobile Engagement: Analytics, Behavior and Customers

In today’s world, it’s easy to be overly reliant on our mobile devices. You can hail a taxi, order a grande non-fat mocha latte and play your favorite tunes on repeat all within a few taps of the screen. Many of us are more than willing to share personal information to make our lives a […]

Investing for Digital Commerce Success

There is no shortage of statistics that describe the level of influence digital channels have on retail sales. Deloitte Digital recently published a report stating that $2.2 trillion or 64 cents of every dollar spent in retail stores are influenced by digital channels¹. Couple that with $300 billion in online sales growing at a rate […]

Cognitive Retailing: Art of the Possible in Inventory Management

There’s a lot of consumer research that shows there is nothing called “customer loyalty” or “brand loyalty” today. Consumers are loyal to the brands when they meet their personalized needs. In general, I am loyal to the brands I use, and I recommend brand loyalty to my friends. Recently I was planning to buy a […]

Boosting Online Retail Sales with Artificial Intelligence

Globally, top internet players have captured 50% of the eCommerce marketplace. The “secret” contributing to their growth is digital intelligence from millions of customer interactions and transactions. The Digital consumerization has fundamentally changed consumer behaviors across the globe: There are 2.5 billion active Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts that are being constantly used by consumers […]

Order Management Matches Shoppers’ Wants with Retailers’ Needs

We all have to admit there’s a lot of flash, bling, a bit of smoke and mirrors, and dare I say, magic, in retail. But retail can also be quite personal, driven by emotion and “feel.” In an earlier era, substantial fortunes were built in retail by visionaries whose seat-of-the-pants, back-of-the-cocktail-napkin instincts for form and […]

Tweet Chat August 24th: Personalized Shopper Experience for Back to School

It’s hard to believe another summer is coming to an end. Although I’m always sad to know shorter days are upon us, I can’t deny my excitement for fall finds on the latest trends in fashion, supplies, and tech gadgets. Who’s with me? As consumers (like myself) get ready to spend, retailers are gearing up […]

Your CSRs Do Not Have to Struggle When Your Customers Struggle Online

Imagine the last time you had difficulty on a company’s website and had to contact customer service. Did the CSR ask you multiple questions requiring you to remember exactly what transpired? Were you asked questions that you didn’t know the answer to only to end up frustrated when your issue wasn’t readily understood? Chances are […]

Better Contracts, Better Business: Are You Excelling or Putting Your Company at Risk?

Contracts define business relationships between parties – and set parameters for how they’ll conduct business. Contract terms might include prices, delivery details, insurance parameters, milestone dates, service levels, discounts, penalties, warranties, or virtually anything relevant to the relationship or a specific transaction. Failure of an involved party to meet these obligations can result in missed […]

The Future of the Ecommerce Customer Journey

I’ll say right up front, I’m fortunate to be apart of one of the coolest experiences in the world, being a Futurist for IBM. I get to observe companies doing extraordinary things in the ecommerce space and engaging with customers as they move through their journeys. It’s obvious that marketing to consumers is becoming ever […]

Bringing Order to Data Chaos with IBM Research

Very few industries capture as much data as Retail–but data is meaningless unless you can turn it into actionable insights that help make better business decisions! IBM customers repeatedly told us about two critical retail business challenges they face. Customers need to: Manage and deliver insights from the vast amounts of transactional data common in […]