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Want to Avoid the Omnichannel Retail Blind Spot? Ask This 1 Question.

Retailers have gone to great lengths transforming into the omnichannel world, but are they truly set up for success? Most of a retailer’s focus when making this shift has been on the consumer journey across multiple sales channels. This begs a key question: What about the back end? Many retailers have experienced the cold realities […]

B2B Integration

REI Shares Lessons Learned During ERP Upgrade and EDI Migration

Many companies find themselves in a similar situation to what REI had in back in 2010. Business is going well, with about 1,400 suppliers, approximately half of them doing EDI. Then, a strategic decision to change and upgrade ERP systems led to the decision to require EDI from all suppliers. REI’s three-person B2B team faced […]


5 Steps to Harnessing the Power of Supplier Innovation

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” It’s one of the well-known quotes attributed to Apple’s founder and former CEO Steve Jobs. Jobs knew that innovation creates value, and creates success. The inverse can be true as well. With a nod to Charles Darwin, it’s not always the strongest company that survives, it’s the […]

Want to Make over USD 2 trillion?

Fact—the average e-commerce shopping cart abandonment rate is a staggering 68.63 percent.¹ And while Business Insider notes that cart abandonment equated to approximately USD 4 trillion worth of merchandise in 2014, the article states 63 percent of that sale value is potentially recoverable by savvy merchants.² But recovery is not strictly an after-the-fact solution. Rather, […]

Tag Management: The New Data Foundation for Personalization?

Personalization has long been a buzzword in marketing circles but 2016 is the year that brands will finally embrace the practice as a “must-have” initiative, according to a new survey by Forrester Research. Based on spending priorities for digital experience delivery, brands identified their two top priorities as “redesigning the user experience” at 69% and […]

Optimizing Store Fulfillment

I am a reluctant shopper. I don’t enjoy hours in the store. I don’t like browsing. That said, I love service: I crave an excellent customer experience. There are stores forever etched in my memory for offering helpful experiences, mostly higher-end stores where I am greeted with genuine interest. Quite frankly, these experiences make shopping […]

Futurist Q&A: Marketing Technology in 2016

This post is part of The Future Project 2025 series. Follow along as IBM thought leaders and futurists envision the impact of big data and analytics on commerce. As businesses become more digital and data-driven, marketers must embrace new technologies in order to do their jobs effectively. Tech decisions are no longer made solely by […]

IBM Named a Leader in Forrester Wave for Omni-Channel Order Management

The much-awaited The Forrester Wave™: Omnichannel Order Management, 3Q 2016  report has been released and Forrester has placed IBM’s Order Management solution as a Leader in their evaluation. This report underscores the importance omni-channel merchants are placing on Order Management systems to meet the high expectations of shoppers, and deliver excellence in customer service by orchestrating […]

How Global Is Your Digital Commerce?

The internet continues to transform global commerce. By frequency of purchase method, 80 percent of all shopping journeys are influenced by digital channels, yet only 58 percent of purchases are actually made in digital channels.¹ And average sale value is still significantly higher in-store than in digital channels. These figures suggest the promise of truly […]

Data Sharing isn’t a Game of Telephone

When you were a kid, did you ever play the telephone game? It’s the one where several children get together and the first one whispers something to the next one, then that kid attempts to whisper the same thing in the next one’s ear, and so on, until the message travels all the way to […]