Digital Experience

There’s a Better Way to Manage Content

As I meet with brand leaders, I hear their stories about how they’re managing content. At IBM, we strongly believe in the power of content. Great content is key to attracting, inspiring and converting customers. Your words have to inform, your images have to inspire and videos should allow the viewer to immerse themselves in […]


Are You Ready for Sibos?

I’m looking forward to attending the world’s premier event for the banking industry: Sibos, which will be held in Geneva, Switzerland from September 26 to 29. This event, organized by SWIFT, provides a unique forum to collaborate and take collective action in payments, securities, cash management, and trade in the banking industry. This year, we’re […]

Digital Experience

A Smarter Way Back to School

Back-to-school shopping is definitely not what it used to be. Sure, our moms dragged us from store to store so we could try on pants and look for supplies. And yes, sometimes they didn’t have what you needed at the first store and you had to make another trip. But the school shopping scene has […]

Why Owning Mobile Payments Is Good for Retailers and Their Customers: Part One

Loyal brand customers like Becky are now using their smartphones while shopping in store 75% of the time, and she has a mobile checkout problem. She likes using her mobile for checkout but she wants a fast, easy mobile payments experience with her favorite brand’s loyalty rewards and coupons available in a single mobile solution—and […]

Shoppers Have Arrived at Your Online Store – Now What?

In the last few years, online retailers have made heavy investments in marketing intelligence and automation tools. Now, online marketers run sophisticated digital marketing campaigns using techniques like pay per click, email marketing, and behavioral retargeting to drive shoppers to their online stores, and they have sophisticated analytics and reporting tools to measure the effectiveness […]

Driverless Pricing

Are you ready for driverless cars? They’re here. How about driverless pricing for your retail channels?  That’s here as well. And the similarities are fascinating. Driverless cars promise to take you where you want to go without your intervention. Driverless pricing is the same: automation that will adjust your pricing in real time to take […]

Tweet Chat September 27th: Cognitive Content as a Service

I think most of us know that content is at the core of how brands attract and engage with customers. According to Content Marketing Institute, 76% of B2B organizations plan to produce more content in 2016.¹ This vast amount of content provides brands with immense opportunities to reach their customers. Yet, with so much content […]

Fraud Management: Make Money without Getting Robbed

According to Ori Eisen, founder of antifraud technology provider 41st Parameter, an estimated “USD 120 billion of transactions are declined annually and up to USD 40 billion of those are wrongfully declined, thus avoidable.”¹ So if false positives account for over 30 percent of declined transactions, how much money have you lost because of them? […]

Conversational Commerce in Retail Delivers Personalized Customer Experiences in Context

We all need personal attention–from parents as son or daughter in family, from teachers as a student, from managers as an employee. I know I definitely get rattled when I don’t get it, and if anybody addresses me or sends any communication without trying to understand my likes or dislikes, it’s bothersome. Similarly, as a […]

Why Data Is Causing Massive Changes in the U.S. Health Industry

The U.S. health industry has undergone dramatic shifts over the past few years. Of course, we all know that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has driven many of those changes. But there’s another reason for the transformation happening in the industry, and it’s one that will continue to tremendously influence the years to come. It’s […]

Rethink Design Thinking: Function and Process Comes First

Let me ask you something. If you wanted to understand how the game of baseball were played, would you ask a player how he plays the game, or would ask him how the game is played? There’s a big difference, so think before you answer. Design Thinking can help people perform better, more efficiently, and […]

Pricing at Scale and Speed? Can You Imagine This?

The biggest shopping season of the year is just around the corner. For the last month, as a merchandiser, you’ve been working 12-14 hours a day trying to prepare for this season. But instead of spending time on strategic thinking, you are spending most of your day tracking competitor pricing. But is that pricing analysis […]

What Every Merchandiser Should Know Ahead of the Holiday Shopping Season

Based on my personal experience, there is nothing worse than searching a site, only to fail in finding what I need. But I am not alone. The Baymard Institute estimates that almost one-third of the time shoppers were either unable to find the items they were looking for or abandoned the site in frustration. Obviously […]