With cloud, Jenzabar brings new simplicity to higher education

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Jenzabar higher educationToday’s students have grown up with digital technologies and naturally expect their higher education experience to involve fast and convenient tools and processes. However, many higher education technology providers are held back by inefficient, rigid on-premises systems.

At Jenzabar, we built a transformational software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution in the IBM Cloud to help education clients reduce costs and unlock agility.

Identifying a gap in the market

Higher education institutions are waking up to the benefits of cloud-based solutions. Complex in-house IT infrastructure can be a drain on time and attention, preventing organizations from focusing on their core business of educating students.

We aim to address these challenges. More than 1,350 campuses around the world rely on our solutions to enhance student and university administration and finance operations. We wanted to provide SaaS solutions that help clients meet growing student expectations while reducing the pressure on technical teams.

To make this goal a reality, we sought a cloud platform that offered versatility, reliability and security. Most importantly, the solution had to meet data compliance requirements that vary from country to country, leading us to look for a vendor with global reach.

Teaming up for success

When we compared offerings from different cloud services providers, IBM stood out. Its easy-to-use client portal and low-effort provisioning distinguished it from the competition.

To increase flexibility and robustness, we’re currently migrating client environments to a private VMware vSphere virtualization platform running on IBM Cloud bare metal servers. This move will further increase our appeal by enabling us to offer clients extra security and fast recovery to a second data center as part of our standard service.

We use IBM Cloud block and file storage for live and backed-up data of our clients’ enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. The cloud tools are designed to absorb the effects of sudden change requests and critical backup scenarios through functions such as simple volume expansion, adjustable input/output operations per second (IOPs) provisioning, provider-managed encryption-at-rest and predictable billing. These solutions form the basis of a new backup-as-a-service offering at Jenzabar.

For our most security- and latency-sensitive clients, we offer IBM Cloud Direct Link, which enables private connections between remote network environments and their IBM Cloud implementations.

Clearing the path to growth

At Jenzabar, we deliver cloud solutions for a living and understand that unresponsive systems can obstruct customers’ expansion strategies. With IBM Cloud, we can be confident that we will always be enablers rather than barriers to growth.

IBM Cloud solutions give us the scale, reliability, performance, flexibility and international reach to meet the needs of an expanding client base while keeping costs competitive. The global IBM Cloud data center network enables us to meet local data regulations, such as retaining data within a country’s borders, very easily.

By hosting Jenzabar solutions in the IBM Cloud, we can offer smaller institutions access to computing resources they typically would not be able to afford. We are also creating additional service options for clients based on functionality offered in the IBM Cloud.

Whether clients have existing on-premises infrastructure or not, with Jenzabar solutions supported by IBM Cloud technology, they can spend more time focusing on their students rather than their infrastructure. IBM Cloud solutions are opening a world of opportunity, both for Jenzabar and our clients.

Read the case study and watch the video for more details.

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