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IBM MQ 25 yearsIn 1993, as grunge and alternative music picked up momentum, the first beanie babies were released and Jurassic Park dominated the box office, computing was making big strides, too. The World Wide Web was born at CERN and Intel released the first Pentium microprocessor. IBM also released the world’s flagship enterprise messaging technology: MQ.

Messaging is the backbone of enterprise computing, providing the foundational technology through which systems communicate in a semantically precise way. MQ delivers on the key tenets of enterprise messaging: security, reliable routing, precise definitions for each data element, system subscription that enables routing of messages according to content and a policy-based implementation.

The history of MQ

For a quarter of a century, MQ has been at the forefront of enterprise messaging. MQ provides 25 years’ worth of expertise in:

  • Security, with end-to-end encryption of every message, which makes it much simpler to comply with privacy regulations.
  • Reliability, so users never miss or duplicate a message, ensuring the integrity and dependability of customer data, with high availability and disaster recovery options built in.
  • Flexibility to deploy MQ as it suits an enterprise on any cloud or on premises.

Throughout the years, MQ has passed many important milestones and even picked up a few awards along the way. As early as 1998, the MQSeries won the Well-Connected Award in the “Messaging Queueing Middleware” category at Network Computing Magazine’s Network+Interop event. In 1999, MQ passed a critical milestone with 35 platforms supported. In 2004, MQ won the prestigious MacRobert Award bestowed by the UK’s Royal Academy of Engineering for engineering innovation.

MQ has been used on epic road trips through Europe and has even gone to the edge of space. MQ has often been named as the leader in the messaging market by analysts including Gartner.

The future of messaging

As some of us who rocked flannel back in the ’90s know all too well, the world has changed rapidly over the last 25 years, yet MQ is still leading the charge into the future of enterprise messaging. We continue to respond to the demands of evolving markets and computing infrastructures. Businesses are changing and so are their needs. Connecting applications and exchanging data is just the start of the messaging journey now. Messaging needs to do more.

Today’s MQ gives users the power to secure data across a connected enterprise; accelerate business through moving file data; innovate for the future with blockchain; access the business potential of the Internet of Things; and, above all, ensure reliability and availability.

The first step on any messaging journey is deployment. Users can deploy MQ on any cloud through Docker, Kubernetes, PureApp and other services. For its 25th birthday, MQ is giving businesses a new capability. IBM MQ on IBM Cloud is the first managed MQ service. As a managed service, it relieves users of much of the maintenance setup and has an intuitive design.

Whether on cloud, on premises or both, with MQ, users can protect the vital data in their infrastructures from disruption, security breaches and downtime. By letting MQ take care of the hard work, evolving infrastructure to take on new challenges is easier. Rather than constantly rewriting applications to work together or building in transactionality or encryption, users can get on with other tasks. With new, regularly added efficiency improvements and tools, users can be assured that MQ is always working to meet their needs.

MQ is continuously growing and evolving to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world. It has gone from successfully moving messages only on mainframes to also doing so in software and appliance form factors. Now it has embraced the cloud.

It’s not just for the MQ admin with 10 years of experience. With support for new languages and frameworks, and simplifications to the product and education, new admins and developers alike are able to benefit from MQ.

Some things just get better with time, and the classics never go out of style. While your flannel may be relegated to the back of the closet, Jurassic Park is soon to have its fourth sequel. You never know what the future might hold, but rest assured that IBM MQ will spend another 25 years blazing the path.

Learn more and grow with us.

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