With new data center, growth accelerates for Korea cloud ecosystem

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IBM-Cloud-Data-Center-Map-500x332Korea’s public cloud sector is growing exponentially. According to IDC research, public cloud revenue in the country is expected to increase from $445 million last year to around $1 billion in 2019.

All that growth is going to mean increased demand for infrastructure. That’s a big reason why IBM is teaming with SK Holdings to open a new IBM Cloud Data Center just outside of Seoul in Pangyo. Built with a pod design, the data center will have the capacity for thousands of physical servers and will offer cloud infrastructure services including bare metal servers, virtual servers, storage, security services and networking.

Goodhyun Kim, a well-known developer and IT columnist in Korea, said:

Cloud computing has rapidly become a key driver of digital transformation throughout Korea. By making IBM Cloud and its easy, fast, and robust APIs and services available on Bluemix to local developers, I anticipate that we will rapidly see a whole new wave of cloud-based innovation across Korea.

Robert LeBlanc, senior vice president of IBM Cloud, said that the new data center will “bring the local expertise, platform and data services that gives Korean customers the ability to compete on a global scale.

The new facility is the 47th in the IBM global network of Cloud Data Centers and the ninth in the Asia-Pacific region. For companies in Korea, the new data center offers the opportunity to keep data local for the purposes of security, flexibility or performance. But it also enables users to access a global network to drive expansion into worldwide markets.

Local startups and IT developers who use the data center will have access to a cognitive cloud platform for creating applications as well as the Bluemix cloud platform and its 150 APIs.

A few of the Korean businesses already on board with IBM Cloud include:

  • Gravity, a video game maker and pioneer in massively multiplayer online roleplaying games
  • UpRoot, a data security startup
  • Coolio, a social content analysis app developer
  • Amorepacific, a global beauty products company

Likewise, local universities are getting involved to provide students with cloud-based education and training.

The new data center builds on the existing relationship between IBM and SK Holdings. Jung-ho Park, CEO of SK Holdings, said the new center will serve as “the base camp to support digital innovation for customers’ businesses by converging digital technologies such as IoT, Big data and AI.”

Learn more about IBM cloud computing solutions in Korea.

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