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Oh, the cool things you can do with data visualizations in Watson Analytics

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Oh, the cool things you can do with data visualizations in Watson Analytics

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Data visualizations are what make it easy to understand your data when you’re using Watson Analytics. Let’s look at some of the cool things you can do with the “dataviz” Watson Analytics builds for you automatically.

Action (bar) items

In the upper right of Watson Analytics data visualizations, there is an action bar for zooming in, out and back to default:

data visualizations scaling


And, as the size of your visualization decreases, it also scales and removes potential distractions. For example, take a look at this chart:

data visualizations sizing

When I reduce the size of the column, Watson Analytics removes the axis labels.

Climbing the decision tree

When you ask Watson Analytics a question that triggers its prediction modeling feature, you get a spiral graph that shows the likely top drivers of a given outcome or target. In this example, it’s what drives college basketball team losses:

data visualizations spiral

You can select aspects of the spiral or the spiral itself and ask Watson Analytics to show you a decision tree that breaks down the predictive model. (If you’re not sure what a decision tree is, this is a good definition from TechTarget.) However, these can often be very busy with a lot of branches and therefore difficult to view. Fortunately, the decision tree comes with minimap at the top left corner.  It shows which part of the decision tree is on display, and you can move the shaded area of the map around to see other parts. You can also click the Top 5 and Bottom 5 buttons to add indicators for the most relevant branches of the tree. In this example, you’re looking at a decision tree for overall customer satisfaction.

data visualizations data tree map


So, when we say you can interact with your data visualizations in Watson Analytics, we’re not kidding around. So, log in and start checking things out.


Log in? What?

Didn’t you know? You can try Watson Analytics Professional free for 30 days. Simply sign up (it’s a short form—really!) and you’ll be logging in before you know it. To learn more, visit


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