Code like a startup, run in the enterprise

The explosive growth in mobile, IoT and web applications demands that IT organizations innovate and modernize at the same time, balancing investment in new and existing resources. Create new applications and scalable APIs on hybrid cloud as the cornerstone for continuous business innovation. Connect on-premises applications with advanced cloud services and APIs to increase their value. Optimize your entire environment and take advantage of “pay-as-you-go” pricing to lower overall costs.

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Create. Connect. Optimize.

Create new applications

Create new applications quickly with the IBM Bluemix® cloud platform, providing access to hundreds of cloud services. Create scalable APIs that connect mobile, IoT and web apps to enterprise Java apps. Create microservices by reusing existing Java application code.

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Connect existing Java apps

Connect and enhance your existing on-premises applications with hundreds of innovative cloud services and APIs—including IBM Watson capabilities.

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Optimize everything

Move your Java applications to the IBM Cloud—unchanged—within minutes, and take advantage of flexible pay-as-you-go pricing to reduce capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operating costs.

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Tips and tricks

Reduce server startup time.

Move to Liberty, reap benefits

Read the report by Forrester Research, Inc., to learn how migrating from open source Java EE application servers to IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty can reduce server startup time, improve time to market, lower support costs and more.

Digital economy.

API strategy—disrupt or be disrupted

Fewer than one in 10 technology enterprises has a formal API strategy. IBM’s Salvio Rodrigues explains how IBM WebSphere Connect and IBM API Connect can help you gain a coherent API strategy made for the digital economy.

Build mobile app.

Mobile cloud app transforms sales force

Family-owned Bernhardt Furniture engaged IBM to build a mobile app on the Bluemix cloud platform, giving its sales force a new tool to replace its cumbersome paper-based ordering process.