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Fix list for IBM WebSphere Application Server Feature Pack for Communications Enabled Applications (CEA)

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Fix list for IBM WebSphere Application Server Feature Pack for Communications Enabled Applications (CEA) 1.0 provides periodic fixes. The following is a complete listing of fixes for the Feature Pack for CEA, with the most recent fix at the top.


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Fix release date: 24 Sep 2012
Last modified: 21 Sep 2012
Status: Recommended

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Communications Enabled ApplicationsPM38497 Passivation listener is not called when only HTTP sessions are related to the SipApplicationSession.
PM40300 SIP container fails to handle invalid cancel.
PM42176 WebSphere sends "481 call/transaction does not exist" to the notify instead of to the active session in the application.
PM42624 Utf-8 ? (261) in a SIP invite message is not passing the Application Server SIP proxy.
PM43713 NullPointerException when calls starts to come down.
PM43837 IndexOutOfBoundsException when using TLS with a cluster.
PM44356 Control display-name quoting with a custom property.
PM44360 When adding multiple headers to the headers map, only the last header is added.
PM44372 SIP container failed to replicate SipServletRequest.
PM45655 SIP container adds the initial request to the pending list.
PM45822 SIP container performs reverse DNS lookups when trusted the IP list is configured.
PM47108 java.lang.IllegalStateException is thrown when Application Server is stopped and no SIP application is installed.
PM47388 IllegalStateException after failover.
PM47672 SIP container can not open connection, times out.
PM48475 SipServletRequest setRequestURI() does not work for incoming request.
PM48533 Race condition in the container code is causing the container to stop sending UDP messages with SIP proxy.
PM48709 OutOfMemoryError in SIP container.
PM49196 Call to getAddressHeader fails when there are multiple values on a custom header.
PM49640 Problem in setting SIP contact parameters.
PM49914 SIP requests can be improperly initialized by supplying a parameter which is linked with another request/session.
PM50936 Incorrect encoding when From header in the invite is of type tel: and the parameters are outof <>.
PM52365 Feature pack is saving updates to master configuration repository prematurely.
PM52728 SIP container discards the CANCEL in race condition.
PM52955 Outbound SIP message fails.
PM53078 SIP sessionReadyToInvalidate() is not being called when multiple applications are deployed.
PM54689 Problem with SipApplicationSession after a restart.
PM55145 Improve the wording of "Partial Success" message in Installation Manager.
PM55197 Problem injecting SipFactory into a EJB.
PM55201 Right after receiving 100 Trying, the CANCEL is not recognized with the Invite it is being cancelling and rejected with 2 481.
PM58650 Memory leak in SIP code.
PM58750 After applying PM48786, the SIP container puts display names in double quotes.
PM60511 SIP Via header parsing exception.
PM61824 Container sending out 2 CANCELs for a single CANCEL that comes in.
PM62003 Redundant UDP record-route header added to messages.
PM62532 SIP session data replication does not appear to be working.
PM62994 Use custom property to hide IP addresses in the Call-ID header of SIP messages.
PM64620 Updateconfig log file overwritten by Installation Manager.
PM67724 SIP request that exceeds the MTU value might not switch from UDP to TCP.
PM67742 SIP container processing % in To tag as escape character.
PM68575 Error when installing fix packs with 64-bit Installation Manager.

Fix release date: 12 Sep 2011
Last modified: 16 July 2013
Status: Recommended

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Communications Enabled ApplicationsPM22705 Feature Pack for CEA runtime annotation scans do not process web module jars.
PM23991 When ApplicationName=null and SubscriberUri = null SIP container responded with 403 forbidden error.
PM24773 Ready to invalidate is not working after failover.
PM25335 z/OS SIP traffic through proxy is failing.
PM25382 java.lang.IllegalStateExceptions while SipApplicaiton Sessions is invalidated via the API call in a TimeListner.timeout().
PM26757 SipFactory.createURI() not throwing exception for invalid URI.
PM27545 SIP message queue size is growing.
PM27557 OutOfMemory in SIP component
PM27705 SIP servlet getPendingMessages() API and it is returning an empty list.
PM27791 SIP container is attempting to send a message using TLS but with port 5060, instead of 5061.
PM29420 Suppress CWSCT0334E: Failed to deserialize replication.
PM29531 Deserialization issue with SIP sessions after application server failover.
PM29534 Dialog usages are not added or removed correctly as specified by RFC 5057.
PM29543 When the Application Server home directory has spaces in it, a SIP application can not get deployed.
PM29722 SIP allows invalid characters in the host name.
PM31250 SIP is not parsing Target-Dialog and In-Reply-To headers as parameterable.
PM31252 Double record route SIP operation is not working when port is different.
PM31710 When using Installation Manager to uninstall a cumulative iFix (supersedes another iFix), the dependency checker bundle blocks it.
PM33251 513 response code is generated with incorrect reason phrase.
PM33487 Deadlock in SIP container code.
PM33919 SIP does not parse the Via branch correctly.
PM33953 Indicated versions in the located in are not correct.
PM33957 Exception is thrown when invalidating derived SIP session.
PM33961 Calling getSession() from sessionCreated listener causes infinite loop.
PM34069 Adding DomainResolver javadoc to the Information Center.
PM34354 SIP outbound call fails.
PM34843 Successive re-invites on the same call leg are not blocked by the SIP container.
PM35954 Internal header is not removed from the SIP ACK message in a federated environment.
PM36185 SIP re-sends cancel when receiving 2nd provisional response.
PM36471 SIP asynchronous API is creating new SipApplicationSession object for every task, it is never explicitly invalidated.
PM36981 When deploying with Rational Application Developer, SIP annotations are not being read.
PM37788 SIP stack passed SipServletRequest object to application even though it responds 481 response to UAC.
PM38446 Deadlock in SIP container code..
PM39821 SIP creates a connection from the wrong source address.
PM40347 SIPsupport for RFC 5626 ("outbound").
PM40541 OutOfMemoryerror in the SIP container.
PM40650 Out of memory when SIP servlet container stuck on multiple TCP connections during SIP load. CEA error occurs when any jsp is requested by browser.
PM41529 Cross-site request forgery in administrative console PM36734 is V7 base fix.
PM44510 Failover fails due to missing <> around SIP URIs.

Fix release date: 28 Feb 2011
Last modified: 21 Feb 2011
Status: Superseded

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Communications Enabled ApplicationsPM13321 Update the CEA widget custom Dojo build to be based on IBM Dojo Toolkit 1.5.
PM19108 Add Romanian language support for CEA.
PM19242 getPoppedRoute() returns null.
PM19715 NullPointerException from digest TAI during dispachting of a new SIP requests with security enabled.
PM20413 SipApplicationSessionActivationListener.sessionDidActivate is called before deserialization is complete.
PM20521 The administrative console shows a deployed SIP module to be a web module.
PM20565 Proxy applications are not sending retransmissions 200 OK for Invite messages upstream.
PM20751 LTPA token is not being read from SIP messages.
PM21142 The SipSession attributes are lost in the clustered enviroment.
PM21658 SIP container & enable.system.headers.modify variable.
PM21715 The response should be 487 instead of 408 when the recipient is away, resulting in a timeout.
PM21807 B2BUAHelper is not saving uncommitted messages.
PM21983 Application Server attempts to send SIP requests to unreachable proxy.
PM22502 SIP container creates new session without initial flag.
PM22586 SIP container starts handling SIP messages before siplet mapping has completed.
PM23067 Incorrect label for show/hide location bar button.
PM24175 SIP container adds <> around from header value when it has more than one parameter.
PM24248 ACK for retransmittion is sent to the application.
PM24322 SIP response in a secured environment throws exception.
PM24772 Double record routing is not using the correct transpot.
PM25103 Sending a CANCEL message after INVITE.
PM27395 IM only: adopt IBM Installation Manager 1.4.2.
PM27782 The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) servlet container does not initialize the servlet when the cluster starts up.
PM29235 NullPointerException in SIP timer task expiration event.
Fix release date: 25 Oct 2010
Last modified: 19 Oct 2010
Status: Superseded

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Communications Enabled ApplicationsPM13906getCallId api throws IllegalStateException on an invalidated session.
PM14192SIP container not passing the ACK to the application.
PM14476Request is sent over UDP with Via header field value of TCP
PM14698WS-Notifications are not interpreted correctly in CEA from an external web service provider
PM15065The SipSession is not automatically invalidated by the container when the response is forwarded back.
PM15134Infinite recursion possible from SIP container on servlet error
PM16120Issues with @SipApplicationKey annotated method - SIP Session Key Targeting annotation not working
PM16204CWSCT0315E with null pointer exceptions fills systemout.log
PM16207Exception upon SipSession.invalidate()
PM16289If the UAS sends back a 200 ok without a to-tag, the SIP container throws a NullPointerException
PM16291Extra "100 trying" is sent on ACK request
PM16486500 response on proxy the request when change the nrindex
PM16502Some reproxied requests are not routed to the application twice
PM16549transport=udp being inserted into the record-route header although the request was sent via TCP
PM16637Back-to-back user agent forwards a request with the same call-id
PM16912Application Server generates 481 response to a notify when a SipSession exists for the dialog.
PM16928Container is not acking response retransmissions that arrive after sending a re-invite.
PM16980Problems with TwoWayForm validation widget and handlers when processing ToggleButton, DateTextBox and TimeTextBox Dijits
PM17188SipApplicationSession can be in the ReadyToInvalidate state even if it is owning HTTP sessions that are still valid.
PM17220SIP container does not proxy a 200 OK to PRACK
PM17317Address several issues found in the Cobrowse and CollaborationDialog widgets
PM17422B2bUAHelper SIP non-system headers not copied for subsequent requests
PM17635SIP application deployment failed when installing an ear file with Feature Pack for CEA
PM17725SIP container fails to route a notify message from one application to another.
PM17866SIP container does not recover from exceptions thrown by the application
PM17899ArrayIndex exception is thrown when proxy subsequent requests from UDP to TLS
PM18894SIP container throws NullPointerException when calling to req.getAttribute() on the original proxy request
PM19108Add Romanian language support for CEA.
PM19186SIP annotations are not being read from war files
PM19275SipModuleAnnotationProcessor is going to the network for xml schema validation
PM19391Add AdminAgent to Feature Pack for CEA
PM19713DomainResolver APIs were checked in to the wrong package.
PM21560Import offering.service.repositories property not defined; Installation Manager cannot connect to web service repository.
PM18022Old web collaboration events are not cleared in CEA rest APIs
PM23047Problems with apar dependency checks for installation manager-based WebSphere Application Server v7 Feature Packs

Fix release date: 18 June 2010
Last modified: 21 July 2010
Status: Superseded

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Communications Enabled ApplicationsPM09865Can not enable the Communications Enabled Applications services after augmentation of a federated node
PM11633Call center support in CEA
PM16207Exception upon SipSession.invalidate()
PM04550Improve messages and extensibility of the CEA demo environment setup scripts.
PM10763Deployment manager and default templates can not augment cell profiles
PM10764Update CEA system application during fix pack update.
PM10765Problems in CEA widget handling of custom tags, highlighting, and error handling.
PM12857SIP container features needed for integration with Avaya Aura
PM12887Ready to invalidate is not triggered on some proxy cases
PM13319CEA widgets optimized for iPhone and Android mobile browsers
PM13576NullPointerException during SIP session expiration
PM14166NullPointerException in SIP container code, if we push on a Route Header
PM14173NullPointerException in SIP container code in esp.getRequest().getSession() from doResponse()
PM14983SipServletRequest.setRequestURI() does not work for incoming request
PM15854Loading "modeling for communication applications" breaks JSR116 applications if they implement some JSR289 classes
PM15859SIP container getRemoteUser() method always returns the fully qualified name
PM15860SIP container fails to send the SIP message to SIP proxy when the client - 408 request timeout
PM15861Large timestamps in SIP request cause failed requests.
PM15862SIP logging does not support hiding specific header fields
PM15864Incorrect format in date header in SIP request

Fix release date: 29 Mar 2010
Last modified: 27 Mar 2010
Status: Superseded

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Communications Enabled ApplicationsPM01083Pmi counters could corrupt onload.
PM01084Dialogaux.done()to be invoked at dialog end, not session end.
PM01388Problem with communications enabled applications will occur if the configuration is unmodified. possible Nullpointerexception
PM01630Cancel on reinvite failed.
PM01631A new session can get invalidated
PM02945Cea web collaboration fails when using the jsr289 default app router in a clustered environment
PM04328Stackoverflowerror in the SIP container.
PM04330Using two back slashes in the display name of a SIP message causes error code 400
PM04363SIP container messages that cannot be processed need to be logged.
PM04364SIP container uses a wrong listening point to send requests.
PM04548Improve the usability of the cea plantsbyWebSphere and Web Services sample readme files and dedicated documentation.
PM05094Exception is printed in the log during startup
PM05309When a federated node is augmented with the cea feature pack the commsvs application is installed incorrectly.
PM05628Console link for cea configuration on cluster panel is missing.
PM05872Cea - fix errors related to Z/OS cea clustering support.
PM06512Null pointer exception on tu base init.

Fix release date: 13 Nov 2009
Last modified: 24 Nov 2009
Status: Superseded

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Communications Enabled ApplicationsRequest not read yet, httpinboundservicecontextimpl.getrequestbodybuffer.
Performance improvements to application deployment process on CEA feature pack.
Support for Dojo version 1.3.2.
Clustering support for CEA services.
Provide iWidget support.
Java.lang.arrayindexoutofboundsexception during performance testing.
Issues with the application composition.
The SIP container should send a response from the same port the request was received on.
The SIP container opens multiple connections to the same destination.
Issues with the cancel message during the tel: to SIP: call. the the cancel mesage is never sent.
Problem is in the SIP container, sending a message with chinese letters un-encoded in the "user" part of the uri.
SIP container fails to map a register request to the SIP register application.
SIP container responds to ack. this contradics rfc 3261.
Number of connections from the sametime gateway server to an external SIP server continues to grow until server crashes.
SIP container caches dns entries forever.
Container forwards ack for non-2xx response to the application.

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