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Build the analytics infrastructure for actionable insight from big data

As you collect more and more data from the marketplace, your customers and from every part of your organisation, you need the tools to store it, secure it and, most importantly, extract actionable insight from it.

Digital content will grow to 2.7ZB in 2012, up 48% from 2011, rocketing toward 8ZB by 2015. (Source: IDC Predictions 2012: Competing for 2020)

An analytics infrastructure from IBM can support the demands of big data

83% of CIOs ranked business intelligence and analytics as a high priority in their visionary plans (Source: 2011 IBM CIO Study)

Source: 2011 IBM CIO Study

IBM delivers a number of essential capabilities to support data mining, data warehousing, business intelligence and business analytics. With the capability to analyze operational data in real time, compliance and the ability to provide centralised database monitoring are greatly simplified.

IBM can help you do all of these thing across extreme volumes of data, linking critical data across multiple lines of business.

Enterprise systems

IBM zEnterprise: operational analytics

Build intelligence into your business transactions in real time.

IBM Power Systems: business analytics

Get the performance you need to get business insight with real time processing of big data.

Expert Integrated Systems

IBM PureSystems: built-in data expertise

With integrated compute, storage and networking resources you get a workload-focused data system.

Smarter Storage

IBM Smarter Storage: self-optimizing data

Automated data placement for faster insights.

Turn analytics challenge into your competitive advantage

Design your IT infrastructure around data with analytics solutions from IBM

Enterprise Systems Perspectives: Data Ready

Unlock the power of operational data to deliver more actionable insight

Find new ways to store, manage and secure your big data and information assets

Turn Information into Insights with IBM Global Technology Services (US)

IBM can help you design an IT infrastructure to add flexibility, automate, and improve data efficiency

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