IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next

IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® Next is a scalable solution for the communication, collaboration and verification of your requirements. It enables you to capture, trace, analyze and manage changes to requirements while maintaining compliance to your industry’s specific regulations and standards. With DOORS Next, you can improve the management of project scope and cost throughout your organization and supply chain. 

Key benefits:

  • Improve engineering efficiency by strengthening collaboration across teams
  • Manage compliance by increasing the traceability and visibility of changes 
  • Reduce development costs by minimizing rework and increasing reusability
  • Accelerate time to value by using the cloud to get up and running faster
  • Increase customer satisfaction by better understanding and responding to their needs

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IBM Engineering Requirements Quality Assistant

Your products are only as good as the requirements that drive them. The exponential increase in connected products challenges systems engineers with managing more complicated requirements for more sophisticated products. IBM Engineering Requirements Quality Assistant (RQA) delivers consistent requirements by examining, evaluating and recommending improvements to requirements as they are written. RQA applies Watson™ to grade requirements against industry-accepted INCOSE standards, providing insights and guidance to elevate your product engineering and development process. RQA complements IBM DOORS Next, which provides a single source of truth from product conception to production, to help you achieve quality at enterprise scale.

Key benefits:

  • Strengthen requirements by receiving suggestions for improvement from Watson
  • Reduce errors in requirements through analysis that identifies common issues
  • Reduce development costs by catching errors early and reducing rework
  • Improve productivity by getting requirements right the first time

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