Data management and storage strategies for AI

Leveraging AI applications is on the rise, but infrastructure and operations leaders are often unprepared to address the storage requirements for datasets of large-scale ML phases.

Building a successful AI infrastructure strategy starts with IBM

Whether it’s apps, purpose-built hardware for AI server workloads, or AI- or cloud-based services to support your cognitive business, IBM gives you the hardware and capabilities to get the job done.

Reimagine infrastructure for the AI era

With the right processor architecture and server hardware, you’ll unlock the fastest deployment for accelerated databases and deep learning frameworks, all backed by enterprise-class software and services support.

With machine learning, outthink your competitors

Revolutionize analytics and capture insights in real time. Machine learning on IBM Z® makes transactional, operational and social data available instantly, allowing you to extract its hidden value and pivot quickly.

Optimize every stage of your AI data pipeline

Discover the key to data science productivity. Learn how IBM Storage for AI delivers pipeline optimization and superior performance to improve data governance and accelerate time to actionable insights.

Fast and flexible platforms for AI

Applications built with machine learning and deep learning push system demands. To crunch volumes of data at the speed AI requires, you need massive processing power, high throughput, and GPU acceleration.

Gain real-time insight without moving data

Machine learning allows computers to learn without explicit programming. IBM z14 can use machine learning for real time analytics of system data right on your mainframe.

An AI infrastructure foundation for speed and scale

IBM® Power Systems™ AC922 offers the fastest way to deploy accelerated databases and deep learning frameworks – with GPU acceleration that helps enable cutting-edge AI solutions.

The open source AI infrastructure solution

Capable of supporting up to 377B transactions a day, IBM LinuxONE™ gives you an AI server that can process insights from millions of data points with speed, security, and reliability.

AI technology solutions to transform your customer experience

AI is seen as a path to satisfy external customer and market pressures, and at the same time, improve internal demands for speed and productivity – a compelling value proposition.


of companies expect AI will impact customers’ perceptions of their brands[1]


of companies report AI is an opportunity, not a threat

Build your competitive advantage with AI software and learning frameworks

IBM provides complete AI software platforms and industry-specific deep learning frameworks for fast access and insights. You’ll find the software you need to optimize AI workloads across the AI IT infrastructure environments of your choice.

Unlock the value of your data

Watson™ on IBM Cloud allows you to integrate the world’s most powerful AI into your application, and store, train and manage your data in the most secure cloud.

Storage that makes the most of your AI data

AI requires a modern IT infrastructure with wide-ranging capabilities.  That’s why IBM Storage already incorporates AI functionality and capabilities into all our solutions.

End-to-end support for deep learning workflows

Maximize utilization with cluster workload management that lets you fine-tune how jobs run all the way down to the GPU, so you can quickly build a deep learning environment.

How AI addresses the “messy tasks” of real life

Developing AI programs to master chess drove AI progress. However, research in such “clean” game domains did not really address most real-life tasks—which is why IBM has kept pushing the deep learning required to solve business issues


What’s next for AI?

IBM spoke with 30 artificial intelligence visionaries about the future of AI. Find out what thought-leaders predict will serve as the catalyst for the next wave of AI innovation.

How augmented intelligence improves our world

Cognitive technology can be a force for social good. AI pioneers recognize that society’s toughest challenges can only be tackled by the synthesis of human and machine intelligence.

IBM sets tera-scale machine learning benchmark record with POWER9 and NVIDIA GPUs

Snap ML, the new AI software from IBM, trains models faster than you can snap your fingers – 46x faster than the previous industry benchmark.

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