The benefits of SAS software and IBM Power Systems

Rated #1 in reliability by ITIC for 11 years in a row.

Drive agility

Built-in virtualization and co-located workloads let you easily allocate resources at the push of a button based on changes in workload demands.

Reduce risk

The high resilience of greater than five 9’s availability reduces the risk of not meeting deadlines due to system outages.

Eliminate bottlenecks

Take advantage industry-leading throughput that helps generate business-critical insights on time, every time.

Get the most value out of your analytics with ModelOps

Many organizations struggle with operationalizing analytics across the entire business to capture the full value of data-driven decision-making. Discover how the ModelOps approach to analytics provides a framework to move analytics models out of the lab and into production as quickly as possible, with quality results.

Get business critical insights on time, every time

POWER infrastructure comes with cutting-edge memory and I/O subsystem technology. These advances include Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) Gen4, as well as open-architecture, coherent accelerator processor interface (OpenCAPI).


better I/O bandwidth


CPU-GPU* interconnect

Power Systems products for SAS Viya


A training platform that delivers unprecedented performance for analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and modern HPC.

Power Systems scale-out servers

Powerful, flexible servers built to deliver value for diverse workloads and mission-critical applications.

Power Systems enterprise servers

Future-forward infrastructure with enterprise serves designed to accelerate your cloud infrastructure.

FlashSystem 9100

An end-to-end NVMe-accelerated, multicloud enabled enterprise-class all-flash array.

FlashSystem 9100

An end-to-end NVMe-accelerated, multicloud enabled enterprise-class all-flash array that provides intensive, data0driven multicloud storage capacity.

Empower SAS analytics with IBM Power Systems

Read the solutions guide that reveals more about how IBM Power Systems delivers the wide range of compute needed across the SAS Analytics lifecycle.

Resources for SAS Viya and Power

Accelerate insights

Learn how SAS analytics on IBM POWER9 can help you accelerate insights with exceptional performance.


*Only pertains to AC922