On-premises infrastructure for hybrid cloud

Harness open, flexible and secure on-premises infrastructure solutions to unlock your hybrid cloud strategy

IT Infrastructure Hybrid Cloud Illustration


Why on-premises IT is key

Hybrid cloud integrates public and private cloud with your on-premises infrastructure. The right solution delivers a unified, flexible, cost-optimal hybrid cloud with portable microservices and reliable and securable on-premises infrastructure for data-intensive AI and mission-critical workloads.


Portability Develop portable and scalable cloud-native apps with containers, IBM Cloud Paks®, and Red Hat® OpenShift®. Learn more about containers Explore IBM Cloud Paks® Flexibility Manage fluctuating demand with cloud-like subscription-based and consumption-based infrastructure. Explore flexible infrastructure Security Build in enterprise security, protect data, and manage privacy by policy across hybrid IT, without impacting performance. Explore enterprise security
The key to enterprise hybrid cloud strategy 384 IT decision-makers across industries on ways to future-proof your IT infrastructure and gain a competitive edge with a hybrid cloud environment.¹ Get insights from IT leaders

Remove budget obstacles

Flexible payments can accelerate your hybrid cloud strategy.


Next steps

IT infrastructure modernization

Modernize apps, servers and storage in place to integrate with hybrid cloud and AI.

AI and hybrid IT

Learn how AI can transform your business with automation and real-time insight.


¹ A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, January 2021

² 99.99999% disclaimer: Internal data based on measurements and projections was used in calculating the expected value. The z15™ servers must be configured in a parallel sysplex using z/OS® 2.3 or above; GDPS® management of data and middleware recovery across Metro distance systems and storage, including GDPS Metro Multi-site Workload and GDPS Continuous Availability; and DS888X with IBM HyperSwap®. Necessary resiliency technology must be enabled, such as System Managed CF Structure Duplexing, Sysplex failure management and Capacity Provisioning Manager. Other configurations may provide different availability characteristics.

³ Storage as a Service is available in select regions