Hong Kong Maxim’s Group Uses Flash to Make Data-Driven Decisions

Founded in 1956, Hong Kong Maxim’s Group Caterers Limited (a company incorporated in Hong Kong) is a leading food and beverage company comprised of Chinese, Asian and European restaurants, quick service restaurants, bakery shops, coffee shops, Japanese chain restaurants and institutional catering, while providing a range of festive products, including the award-winning HONG KONG MX Mooncakes. It is also the licensee of renowned brands including Starbucks Coffee, Genki Sushi and IPPUDO Ramen, The Cheesecake Factory and Shake Shack in various territories. Altogether, it has over 1,700 outlets in Hong Kong and Macau regions, Mainland China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Singapore.

The Needs

Hong Kong Maxim’s Group currently handles over 600,000 transactions and millions of records a day. They knew that transaction volumes and data storage would only grow in faster as data becomes central to their entire operations.

The Group needed a smarter approach for data storage that reined in storage growth, improved data reliability, and simplified management complexity. They also wanted a robust platform for near real-time decision making, so their business can maximize opportunities and drive up revenues.

The Solution

After an exhaustive search, Hong Kong Maxim’s Group chose IBM Flash Storage and became the first company in the Hong Kong F&B industry to standardize on flash storage.

Business Benefits

Apart from providing up to 500,000 IOPS in performance and used smaller storage snapshots, IBM Flash Storage’s heterogenous storage virtualization capability allows Hong Kong Maxim’s Group to conduct live migration using software-defined storage. In addition, with up to 5:1 data reduction capability, the Group were able to boost cost efficiency by 50 percent.

IBM Flash Storage also allowed the Group to deploy a senior management dashboard across multiple endpoint devices based on real-time data, empowering fast decision making and making the Group’s business more agile to market needs.


As customer and market needs evolve, Hong Kong Maxim’s Group will need to become more responsive and agile. Reliable, high-performance storage like IBM Flash Storage will enable us to scale our operations and meet these needs. More importantly, it gives us the flexibility and freedom to scale and enter new markets with confidence.”

Louis Mah, Director, Information Technology, Hong Kong Maxim's Group

“Maxim’s” and any name, logo or trademark of any restaurants and any intellectual property right therein used or referenced in this website belong to Maxim’s Caterers Limited, a company operating in Hong Kong, and/or its affiliates.

Fujikon Achieves Instantaneous Performance with IBM FlashSystem

A subsidiary of its Hong Kong listed parent company, Fujikon Industrial Co., Ltd (Fujikon) designs, manufactures and sells OEM electro-acoustic products to well-known brands and international customers.

Fujikon Achieves Instantaneous Performance with IBM FlashSystem

The Needs

  • Fujikon has been running multiple mission-critical applications – including project management, workflow and analytics systems – that support a workforce of 700 in Hong Kong. To cope with continuous growth of data and staff, they would need a more reliable and high performance storage infrastructure to maintain optimal work efficiency within teams.
  • Fujikon ran a Proof-of-Concept comparison between IBM’s and another Flash solution. IBM’s solution achieves a 30-50% performance gain against that competing solution.

The Solution

  • IBM FlashSystem FS900

The Results

  • The newly deployed IBM’s Flash-based storage offers near-zero response time over Fujikon’s previous storage environment.
  • With extreme IOPS and microsecond latency performance, applications and especially OLTP workloads now run faster and scale further under the new environment.

“We are impressed by the performance of new storage environment, which comprised IBM FlashSystem FS900. Performance gained was instantaneously felt and we are looking to migrate other workloads onto IBM’s storage platform.” [Ben Yeung, Executive Director, Fujikon Industrial Co, Ltd.]

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Owen Morley, Director of Infrastructure, Plenty of Fish

How All-Flash Arrays Help Plenty of Fish Users Find Love in A Flash

Online dating platform Plenty of Fish (POF) empowers its millions of users to connect with one another every day. As that client base expanded, POF outgrew its storage capacity, resulting in slow-loading pages and out-of-date data, something that could be catastrophic in such a competitive market.

That’s when POF turned to IBM all-flash storage technology to help accelerate and optimize the ways in which POF users find love. Now, those users are able to connect and interact practically in real time.

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University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC)

URMC aims to provide world-class healthcare around the clock. With acquisitions and new technologies creating an explosion of data, it requires reliable storage to underpin core applications.

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