What Key Benefits can IBM Software Defined Storage offer

Analytic- Ready Video Surveillance Solution

With analytic-ready video surveillance solution, IBM software defined storage helps unlock the potential of your data.

A Single Data Repository for Unlimited Growth

IBM software defined storage supports you to handle massive data growth and reduce TCO by 30%.

Integrated Backup, Archive and Disaster Recovery Management

IBM software defined storage offers you a single data repository for multi-media contents, big data, integrated backup, archive and disaster recovery management.

Fujikon Achieves Instantaneous Performance with IBM FlashSystem

A subsidiary of its Hong Kong listed parent company, Fujikon Industrial Co., Ltd (Fujikon) designs, manufactures and sells OEM electro-acoustic products to well-known brands and international customers.

Fujikon Achieves Instantaneous Performance with IBM FlashSystem

The Needs

  • Fujikon has been running multiple mission-critical applications – including project management, workflow and analytics systems – that support a workforce of 700 in Hong Kong. To cope with continuous growth of data and staff, they would need a more reliable and high performance storage infrastructure to maintain optimal work efficiency within teams.
  • Fujikon ran a Proof-of-Concept comparison between IBM’s and another Flash solution. IBM’s solution achieves a 30-50% performance gain against that competing solution.

The Solution

  • IBM FlashSystem FS900

The Results

  • The newly deployed IBM’s Flash-based storage offers near-zero response time over Fujikon’s previous storage environment.
  • With extreme IOPS and microsecond latency performance, applications and especially OLTP workloads now run faster and scale further under the new environment.

“We are impressed by the performance of new storage environment, which comprised IBM FlashSystem FS900. Performance gained was instantaneously felt and we are looking to migrate other workloads onto IBM’s storage platform.” [Ben Yeung, Executive Director, Fujikon Industrial Co, Ltd.]

Accelerate workloads. Capitalize on hybrid cloud. Protect your data from all threats.

Your business is driven by data, and harnessing the power of your data is critical to your competitive advantage. IBM has everything you need to gain continuous insight, meet real-time demands, and drive innovation and growth.

Flash storage

Meet your high-performance storage requirements with affordable, industry-leading technology backed by guarantees covering flash performance, endurance and compression.

Software-defined storage (SDS)

Manage data growth and enable multicloud initiatives with file, block and object solutions to modernize your infrastructure and support next-generation applications.

Data protection software

Protect your critical business data with an integrated approach to backup and disaster recovery featuring quick installation, easy management and rapid data recovery.

Hybrid storage arrays

Control costs with an optimized mix of storage media at an affordable price. With nearly unlimited hybrid configuration options, you can tailor a system to your specific needs.

Storage area networks (SAN)

Capitalize on enterprise-wide data sharing and collaboration with intelligent SAN switches, directors and routers to connect servers and storage systems.

Tape storage

Improve data economics with tape storage solutions from the global market leader, including drives, autoloaders, libraries, virtual tape systems and IBM Spectrum Archive software, which makes tape as easy to use as disk.

Simplify your IT in any environment

Hybrid cloud storage

Build the right storage foundation for your hybrid cloud. As a recognized leader in both flash and SDS, IBM is uniquely capable of helping you architect, build, and deliver hybrid cloud storage solutions.

Converged infrastructure

VersaStack combines the power of Cisco compute and networking with the proven innovation of IBM Storage in one solution. This pre-tested, pre-validated infrastructure stack delivers a 293% ROI in a typical use case.

Virtual environments

Simplify data management by controlling all storage assets through one interface. Unify storage systems across multivendor on-premises and hybrid cloud environments.


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