Gear up for the new era

Find out in this IDC InfoBrief “Cloud-Ready Infrastructure for a New Era of Accelerated Digital Transformation” why hybrid cloud is the future of digital enterprises and understand the role of a cloud-ready infrastructure for Hong Kong enterprises in guaranteeing performance and agility, two essential requirements for businesses in the new digital era.



Comprehensive data storage solutions

To truly optimize your IT infrastructure, it’s key to have a comprehensive and resilient approach to hybrid multicloud. One that lowers costs without cloud lock-in, integrates and plays well with your existing solutions — all while simplifying containerization, management, software-defined storage and modern data protection.


Simplify hybrid multicloud

Reduce complexity with enterprise storage across on-premises and hybrid cloud environments.

Optimize AI and data

Streamline artificial intelligence (AI) projects with a storage platform that delivers performance, scalability, and flexibility.

Data protection and resiliency

Maximize backup storage efficiency, data security and performance with maximum uptime  at a lower cost.

Enterprise storage infrastructure solutions

Hybrid cloud storage

Container-enabled enterprise storage, deployed seamlessly across on-premises and hybrid cloud storage environments helps you reduce complexity.

Storage for AI and big data

Storage for data & AI simplifies your infrastructure with optimized efficiency to drive faster results that are massively scalable and globally available from edge to inference.

Storage virtualization

Storage virtualization lets you centralize management to unify mixed environments and uncover hidden capacity.

Private cloud storage

Native cloud acceleration helps you build powerful, agile, secure storage for private cloud environments.

Storage for mainframes and cyber-resilience

Multi-layered mainframe storage solutions, deeply integrated with end-to-end cyber resiliency, help you safeguard your infrastructure from complex business risks.

Cloud Pak and container storage

Protect your data with persistent storage services for containers.

Data storage case studies

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