Create customized behavior and location-based offers

A retail company is looking for new ways to increase sales in their brick-and-mortar stores. To entice customers with offers they find relevant, the retailer must use APIs to unlock information from a variety of sources including past purchases, geo-positioning data, seasonal trends and inventory. 

Company leaders want to bring this data together by using APIs and application integration, allowing them to instantly create unique offers and personalized customer experiences.

APIs and application integration for promotions and orders
Create, secure, publish, manage and test APIs –API built for business partners

Power digital transformation with APIs

Give your DevOps team the tools to modularize how data is joined.

Mine your ERP, analytics and data lakes

Use application integration technology to connect systems and create RESTful interfaces using JSON.

How to connect your ERP, analytics, and data
API Management

Secure and govern APIs

API management can help secure and govern APIs when geo-targeting.

Trigger specialized promotions

Application integration manages how your API data is gathered. Rules determine if a customer event qualifies for a special promotion. If so, the integration layer signals the applicable promotion back to the customer’s phone.

Inventory opened via API and alerts

Watch how it works

See how easy it is to integrate apps, share and secure APIs and take control of your API ecosystem while propelling your API strategy forward.