The value of event streams

IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration uses the open source Apache Kafka-built event streaming platform of IBM® Event Streams from IBM to help you build smart applications that can react to events as they happen.
Handle mission-critical workloads through enhanced system connectivity, rich deployment and operations, and an event-driven architecture expertise.

How it’s used

Provide data

Interface for providing data

Provide data

Event streaming connects back-end systems and creates changing event streams to address data inaccessibility. New applications can subscribe to these event streams to build a local view of the data. Moving data closer to the application increases responsiveness.

Gain insights

Interface for gaining insights

Gain insights

Leverage event streaming capabilities to connect your company’s myriad data sources to your data lake. For example, include click streams from partnering websites and transactions from sales registers to identify patterns and inform future marketing campaigns.

Adopt machine learning

Interface for adopting machine learning

Adopt machine learning

Event streams helps your company bring structured, real-time data together to feed into machine learning models. This enables you to make powerful predictions based on current events in your business and proactively respond to them.

What you get

Event streams features

REST producer API

Scalable REST APIs enable broad connectivity to critical systems, giving you the flexibility to integrate everything you need.


Replicate data between event streaming deployments to keep data safe in a disaster recovery situation.

Enterprise connectors

Connect to enterprise systems such as enterprise messaging with tested and verified built-in connectors.

Schema registry

Apache Avro schema registry saves time by validating structures, and encoding and decoding data.

Monitoring tool

Connect event streaming deployments to your company’s existing monitoring tools to enable end-to-end solution monitoring.

Kafka Connect framework

Provides access to a broad set of proprietary and community technology connectors to integrate across your enterprise systems.