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The value of enterprise messaging

IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration uses the enterprise messaging capability of IBM MQ to allow businesses to ensure that every order, payment and customer interaction counts. Messages between applications are delivered reliably once-and-only-once, and applications are decoupled to enable rapid response to sudden traffic increases or system outages.
IBM Cloud Pak for Integration can be deployed to Red Hat® OpenShift® on public clouds or private data centers to ensure connectivity of apps and data wherever they reside. Tap into the value of existing data as it flows to gain insights or react to events as they happen, while robust security mechanisms keep critical business and customer data safe.

How it’s used
Connect all applications Reliably connect cloud native applications, microservices, and traditional applications wherever they are. Enterprise messaging offers a secure, proven, high-performance messaging solution with the flexibility to deploy in public clouds or private data centers.
360-degree views View and manage all your MQ instances, on public or private cloud, on MQ appliance or on the mainframe, from a single graphical user interface: the IBM MQ Web Console.
Manage and monitor  Increase developer and administrator satisfaction and productivity. With MQ’s simple management tools they can work in a way that suits their skills. Plus, there is a large and vibrant user community for sharing best practices, insights, and knowledge.
Secure business data Help keep mission-critical data safe with robust security mechanisms that can protect your data at rest and in motion.
Enterprise messaging features Universal connectivity

Broad programming language, API and messaging protocol support (including AMQP), plus simple management tools.

Cloud native multi-style messaging

Assured asynchronous messaging and events (publish and subscribe) with once-and-once-only delivery.

Highly available, 'always on' messaging

‘MQ native HA’ – quorum-based high availability with simple setup and rapid recovery.

Robust security mechanisms

TLS secured communications, identity access management, message-level security, and more to protect your data, your customers, and your business.

Uniform clusters

Automated and intelligent workload balancing so that you can design applications for scale.

Streaming queues

Harness mission-critical data as it flows around the enterprise to facilitate testing or power analytics and Kafka.

Financial institutions use MQ heavily, it’s very good at what it does. Paul Hatcher, Head of Enterprise Messaging The Bank of New York Mellon Read the case study
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