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Analytics in Your Organization

Forsyth Alexander

Data Analytics is a Differentiator for Business Success: IBM POV Based on Forbes Insights and EY Study

According to a new study by Forbes Insights and EY, business leaders under use data and this can affect profit and revenue. See what Marc Altshuller, general manager, business analytics, has to say in a special point of view.

Analytics in Your Organization

Matthew Mikell

Shocking data dashboard confession: “I’ve deceived you”

Note: This post about how a dashboard tells all originally appeared in the Cognos Analytics Community. You can check it out here. Years of mistaking ...

Analytics for the Rest of Us

Suman Mukherjee

Analyzing traffic data in the heart of Manhattan (and other boroughs)

Analyzing traffic data can tell us a lot about accidents. Recently, I used Watson Analytics to analyze data from the New York Police Department from 2013-2015 to see what I could learn about traffic accidents in the New York area.

Analytics for the Rest of Us

Forsyth Alexander

What quick UK population data analysis can tell us

I've used Watson Analytics to discover some things I don't think I would ever have learned if I pored over the UK population data all day. Great graphics to the rescue!

Easy Analytics for Academics

Marc Altshuller

Watson Analytics Academic Program 2016: Year in review

The Watson Analytics Academic Program provides no-cost use of IBM Watson Analytics software for classroom teaching and research. This program had a banner year in 2016 and I’d like to share the biggest successes with you.

Analytics and Sports

Stephen Archut

Looking for big game party food ideas? Here’s a taste

The game this weekend has practically become holiday in America. There are a ton of parties, which means many of us are turning our thoughts to what to serve as big game party food. I decided Watson Analytics for Social Media could help me pick a crowd favorite for my party.

Analytics for the Rest of Us

Forsyth Alexander

Got data exhaustion? Get fired up again in 1 minute and 23 seconds

Are you suffering from data exhaustion? If you're not a data scientist, you might just be. Everyone in business is facing ballooning data volumes and the mandate that all decisions and actions be data-driven. However, if you take just 1 minute and 23 seconds of your time, you might be able to approach data with an new and improved attitude.

Art of the Possible

Stephen Archut

UFO sightings dataviz

UFO sightings date all the way back to the 1500s. The US tends to report the most. In December 2016, in Connecticut alone, there were 10 sightings reported. This looks like something I can research with Watson Analytics.

Art of the Possible

Colin Sumter

Unstructured data governance blues: Chase them away with the cloud

As a business owner, I face a challenging problem. How do I accurately work beyond myself in order to grow my company? How do I know another person in my shoes will make the same decisions on the same company data? Here's how a combination of IBM cloud solutions can help solve this problem and speed up business process management.


Karen Galiger

Watson Analytics Professional: 3 reasons to go pro

All three Watson Analytics editions make it easy for you to find insights on your own. You ask, discover, predict and visualize your way. The result? Better business understanding and smarter decisions. But, Watson Analytics Professional gives you the power of supersized easy analytics.