IBM Maximo Application Suite is a market-leading integrated platform for CMMS, EAM, and APM. It helps asset-intensive companies optimize maintenance and inspections, improve reliability and asset availability, while cutting operational costs, and increasing uptime.

Let’s build a new era of sustainability

3 min read - The next pressing issue facing regional and local governments is the environmental impact on our dangerously deteriorating infrastructures. Throughout the world, civil engineers are sending a clarion call to repair our stressed and aging infrastructure before we face another looming disaster. That’s why we created IBM® Maximo® for Civil Infrastructure. The problem Over the past few decades, governments have spent trillions of dollars to build civil infrastructures — modern superhighways, breathtaking bridges and even smart sidewalks that collect data about pedestrian traffic.…

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Turn sustainability ambition into action

5 min read - For nearly 20 years, IBM has surveyed thousands of CEOs about their biggest challenges. In the latest survey, sustainability ranked at the top, a 5-spot jump from 2021. Nearly 60% of CEOs told us they see significant demand from investors for greater transparency on sustainability. They are also feeling the pressure from multiple stakeholders. Regulators and governments in most top economies have developed corporate disclosure requirements around environmental impact. Customers want to buy from sustainable businesses. People want to work…

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Six reasons you need an intelligent asset management strategy now

3 min read - There is an explosion of data surrounding asset management processes. This data is invaluable, but it can only be used if it can be properly analyzed. Today more than two-thirds of data goes unused due to the complexity of integrating multiple platforms, devices and assets, and the slow, labor-intensive processes required to make it consumable. The result? Subpar operational performance and reliability issues, made most obvious in downtime and defects. This is where intelligent asset management comes in. Intelligent asset…

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Ford presents its prestigious IT Innovation Award to IBM

3 min read - Over 100 years ago, Henry Ford said, “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” Ensuring quality by meticulously inspecting work and materials was less complicated when Ford produced a single vehicle model in one color — black. Flash forward to 2020: The Ford Motor Company produced 1.7 million vehicles1 across multiple models with dozens of options packages. You can imagine the challenges to “looking” at every facet of the manufacturing process. That’s one of the reasons why…

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