Send real-time alerts

A banking institution faces increasing competition. Bank leaders seek a way to increase customer loyalty. In order to provide additional value to their customers, they want the ability to send event-driven alerts in real time, so that customers receive relevant information immediately. 

The bank needs to be able to add new features such as more-elaborate financial events and new types of alerts, without adding complexity and cost to their core system, which handles millions of transactions each day.

Screenshot of event streams alerts capability
screenshot of message and event connectors

Smooth the flow of transactions

Use message and event connectors to copy transactions into event streams without adding to system load.

Use Kafka streams in real time to examine transactions

Be certain which transactions merit alerts. Create new alert event streams that are connected to transactions.

screenshot of alert event streams connected to transactions
Screenshot of output to sms alerts, email alerts and push alerts

Use Kafka streams to activate notifications

Look at the customers’ notification preferences and publish an event for each alert. Output to three event streams: SMS alerts, email alerts and push alerts.

Watch how it works

See how easy it is to use message queues and event streaming together with application integration. Follow the tutorial to see push alerts being used to notify customers when noteworthy financial events occur.