Simplify and automate your planning process

Your finance team can't be agile with a manual, error-prone and fragmented financial planning and analysis (FP&A) process. To ensure you're prepared to react in real time, you need the ability to synthesize information from all data sources, uncover trends and deliver insights faster than ever. A dynamic solution like IBM Planning Analytics powered by TM1® can free up your time, so you can focus on driving your business forward, instead of being stuck looking back.

Plan for everything, be ready for anything

Corporate planning, budgeting and forecasting

Strategic planning

Operational planning

Capital planning

Expense planning

Profitability analysis

One planning solution for all your finance needs

We no longer have to spend time laboriously compiling data. Because we now capture and consolidate everything directly in IBM Planning Analytics, we save around 32 hours per month in forecast preparation time and there is no risk of manual error.

Mick Ferguson, Finance Manager, Hunter Industries

Transform your entire FP&A process

Shorten your planning cycles

Accelerate your FP&A by automating data collection, aggregation and validation. Reallocate time spent on manual tasks to true analysis.

Know your business drivers

Align operational tactics with financial plans to understand what's truly driving your business and to steer business performance across the organization.

Visualize data

Easily create compelling visualizations to spot trends and measure performance. Drill down within visualizations or slice and dice data for even deeper analysis.

React in real time

Perform fast, flexible analysis or test an unlimited number of scenarios to compare outcomes and immediately see the financial impact of alternative courses of action.

Begin your journey to agile planning

It all starts with just a few clicks. Take a guided tour of how to create a plan, view the product details, or simply watch the demo video.

Case studies

Karnov built a modern finance department to support growth

Karnov Group used IBM Planning Analytics on Cloud to re-engineer its financial consolidation, budgeting and planning processes, introducing greater automation and transparency. 

Frasers executed 20-year forecasts using large data sets

Frasers Property Australia replaced and enhanced its existing forecasting platform, giving a detailed view of long-term revenue, cost and capital allocation across the business.

STA Travel saved two months on preparing data for budget reporting

STA Travel set out on a journey to more agile and automated planning, budgeting and forecasting on IBM Planning Analytics on Cloud. The results are powerful.

Deeper insights on FP&A

Best practices in implementing a rolling forecast

In this webinar, learn how a system of continuous planning and rolling forecasts can help your organization increase accuracy, respond to threats and opportunities, and improve performance.

You can't afford to be static: Rolling with the punches in forecasting

This knowledge brief examines many of the problems associated with running a business based on a static, yearly budget.

Are you making the most of your planning analytics?

This short seven-question assessment will gauge your company’s maturity around planning analytics. It should take no more than 5 minutes to complete.

Accuracy drives agility in financial planning and analysis

This knowledge brief examines the difficulties organizations face in achieving accuracy in their financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting in today’s volatile market.

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