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Intelligent Threads

The most cost-effective server platform is one designed just for your workload
In a perfect world, you would never need a general purpose server platform. Every system you buy would be special purpose, engineered from the ground up for each application's exact workload. In the real world, of course, multiple applications with multiple workloads and even multiple types of workloads must run on the same server. Intelligent threading is IBM's answer to this dichotomy. It allows customers to tailor system hardware for high throughput in different application environments.

Intelligent Threads

Intelligent threads empower organizations to easily and effectively tune their workload organization to the task.

Suchitra Joshi, Director of Smarter Computing Solutions

What are Intelligent Threads?

A thread is a sequence of instructions, the smallest that can be managed by an operating system scheduler. Multithreading allows multiple threads to coexist within the context of a single process, which can dramatically increase system throughput. Intelligent threading is a unique IBM approach that enables customers to tailor the number of simultaneous threads supported to each exact workload. Basically, the more workloads you need to run simultaneously, the more simultaneous threads you want to support as well. However, if you're running just a few workloads, or only one, you would reduce the number of threads to allocate additional computing power to the workload, accelerating performance. This is intelligent threading, and it gives system managers a granular degree of workload control that they have never had before.

At a high level, leveraging Intelligent Threads is one way to tune the hardware based on the workload requirements – by adjusting the number of threads that can process a set of instructions. Intelligence can be introduced in other aspects of the hardware, too – by tuning the number of cores, processor speed, etc.

You can get Suchitra Joshi's expert opinion on Intelligent Threads by reading this post on the Smarter Computing Blog.

Why are Intelligent Threads important?

How can IBM help you benefit from Intelligent Threads?

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Meet the expert on Intelligent Threads

Suchitra Joshi

Director of Smarter Computing Solutions

About Suchitra

Suchitra Joshi is the worldwide Director for Smarter Computing Solutions in IBM's Systems and Technology Group. Suchitra has held various management and technical lead positions at IBM for over 20 years, beginning her career at the T. J. Watson Research center. Suchitra is a certified Lotus Domino programmer and Project Manager. She holds a Masters in Computer Science from Boston University and a Masters in Management Information Systems from Pace University. She has won several Research Division and Outstanding Technical Achievement awards, including a recent Corporate Technical award for her work on Middleware with Power Systems.

On the Smarter Computing Blog: Intelligent Threads

  • In this post, systems design expert Suchitra Joshi describes how IBM's unique approach to simultaneous multithreading helps assure high workload throughput.

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