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Delivering business value with cloud server and storage technologies

Organizations in every industry are looking at cloud computing to increase flexibility and reduce the complexity and costs associated with traditional IT. They want to embrace its power to improve IT economics and transform business. And they want to do it quickly to stay competitive.

While some may believe that cloud implementation is less of a hardware decision, the reality is the infrastructure plays a vital role in its success. It's the key to ensuring that the benefits of being cloud-ready are realized on time and as promised. The cloud infrastructure can prove to be the difference between achieving positive cloud results such as scalability and accelerated time to value or experiencing business setbacks.

IBM offers a flexible approach to cloud with solutions for any step of the cloud journey:

Build an efficient IT infrastructure

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Private clouds built on efficient infrastructures can raise productivity while cutting expenses. Many successful organizations start by consolidating and virtualizing their infrastructure – servers, storage and networking – and implementing systems management. This helps reduce administrative and capital costs while building the efficient IT foundation for cloud delivery.

IBM understands one size does not fit all. We provide infrastructure solutions for heterogeneous environments with a choice of platforms best suited to run demanding workloads. We offer UNIX, x86 or mainframe systems -- all with proven virtualization capabilities. IBM infrastructure solutions have helped clients:

  • Increase processing ability by 20 times
  • Raise productivity by 30 percent
  • Lower energy costs by 97 percent

Experts discuss what it takes for a successful private cloud launch. Read the white paper, Private Clouds Float with IBM Systems and Software

Improve speed and dexterity

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The everyday "get it done" tasks don't always add to the bottom line. But through automated cloud technology, organizations can operate with more agility and reduce application development cycles. Now IT can help enable business innovation.

Simplifying administration with self-service provisioning and automated IT service deployment frees IT from routine, manual tasks. IT will now be able to concentrate on projects that enhance business value.

IBM offers entry cloud solutions that are simple to deploy, easy to use and work with client's existing infrastructure. They provide a fast and effective way to automate and manage virtualized systems and storage infrastructures. New applications or systems can be implemented in minutes rather than weeks for increased IT efficiency and lower administration costs. IBM cloud solutions have helped clients:

  • Reduce TCO by 30%
  • Speed up server provisioning time from days to minutes
  • Re-allocate resources to high-value projects

Learn more about the benefits clients have achieved implementing cloud with IBM technologies. Read the brief, IBM Entry Cloud Solutions

Deliver IT without boundaries

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Advanced cloud solutions break down traditional silos and simplify information access to increase productivity and speed innovation. Through a seamless orchestration of heterogeneous servers, storage and networks, organizations can bring diverse resources under a single point of management control.

This helps guarantee service levels and improves the availability and security of the service. Orchestration helps make the right automation and prioritization decisions when different groups are accessing computing resources simultaneously. So when there are multiple business demands competing for data and network bandwidth, delivering business services rapidly is no longer an issue.

IBM provides advanced cloud solutions delivering service management with automated IT service deployment , full lifecycle management, metering & chargeback. Advanced cloud solutions from IBM have helped clients:

  • Increase agility by managing multi-tenant environments
  • Reduce IT labor costs by 50%
  • Lower total cost of ownership by improving capacity use 75%

For more on advanced cloud solutions and insights from IBM's own cloud transformation. Read the white paper, Success in the cloud: Why workload matters.

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Frank DeGilio

Distinguished Engineer, Chief Architect for Cloud

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Frank De Gilio is a Distinguished Engineer and the Chief Architect for Cloud in STG. He is focused on providing enterprise wide cloud solutions to clients who are interested in leveraging figuring out how to modernize their IT to be more cost effective and agile. His unique approach looks at an enterprises holistic requirements on cloud, uniting the development, operational and business aspects of the cloud deployment model to ensure that a business is looking at all of the implications of implementing the technology.