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Why IBM SONAS with Active Cloud Engine

Discover what makes IBM SONAS with Active Cloud Engine unique. Users have the ability to efficiently manage large numbers of files, rapidly locate the data of interest and seamlessly get that data to where it is needed. Ideal cloud storage.

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Marist College

In this case study, Clabby Analytics takes a closer look at the multi-faceted, multi-service, hybrid, heterogeneous cloud environment at Marist College. And we also examine Marist’s relationship with IBM — and its participation in a program known as the IBM Academic Initiative.

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TU München creates a state-of-the-art research environment

At the start of each academic session, Technische Universität München (TU München) struggled to complete its systems configuration work cost-effectively, with immense pressure on time and computing resources. The solution? The university implemented a fully cloud-enabled infrastructure based on the IBM Power platform that automates many administration tasks and greatly accelerates preparation for the new semester.

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