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Smarter information foundation with workload
optimized systems

Manage the data explosion, integrate, and turn data silos into trusted information using systems tuned for analytics from IBM

Don't let conflicting data sidetrack your business

With so much data available from multiple sources, gaining the right insights in a timely manner can help drive your decision making and give you an analytics-based competitive advantage. IBM can help you align your IT infrastructure, based on your data and your system workloads, with expert integrated systems and workload-optimized solutions.

IBM integrated solutions for analytics workloads help you align your infrastructure around your data and allow you to uncover valuable insights. These IBM systems and solutions, deeply integrated and tuned for the tough demands of analytics processing, are incredibly fast to deploy, saving you significant time, effort and resources.

In fact, they're the only solutions offering broad analytic capabilities and a powerful warehouse foundation, along with all software, hardware, service and support from one vendor. They also offer you:

To learn more about how to affordably manage, store and process large, complex data sets, read analyst Joe Clabby’s report: Contrasting IBM's Three Server Approach to Workload Optimization to Oracle’s Single Server Approach

Learn more about how to take advantage of expert integrated systems that are optimized for your data and analytics workloads. Read the complimentary Clabby Analytics report.