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Turn analytics challenge into your competitive advantage

Design your IT infrastructure around data with analytics solutions from IBM

No one has to tell you about the volume, velocity and variety of data—or the analytics challenge they pose. With traditional and digital data expected to surpass 8 zettabytes by 2015 according to IDC, it is crucial to design an IT infrastructure that can manage data, and varying analytics workloads, with efficiency and resiliency—now and in the future.

IBM can help you align around information, anticipate and drive outcomes, and act with confidence to maximize analytics results. Designed specifically for deep integration and optimization with analytics software, IBM systems not only deliver peak performance, through more efficient management of both structured and unstructured data, but they can also provide an optimized, resilient and scalable solution tuned for different analytics demands.

Which means analytics deployments go the way you always expected, no matter how large your data requirements grow.

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Align your IT infrastructure around information

Organizations are awash in data. Digital data. Traditional data.

Data from within the enterprise and far beyond. Which can make finding actionable insights a monumental task.

Meeting this challenge requires an IT infrastructure that is scalable and tuned to handle a variety of analytics needs. Aligning your organization’s infrastructure around data (instead of vice versa) provides this higher-level performance, ensuring that every decision is fueled by trusted information.

IBM offers a range of analytics solutions that scale in whatever ways best meet your needs—out, up and in—to help you reach insights faster. You will be empowered to:

  • Cost-effectively manage and store large, complex data sets
  • Handle mixed workloads of structured and unstructured data
  • Integrate and govern information with greater agility
  • Eliminate mismatched, conflicting and duplicate data

To learn more about how IBM can help you align your IT infrastructure around information, read the complimentary IBM e-book: Thinking Outside the Data Warehouse

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Anticipate more. Predict smarter. Drive better outcomes.

In the face of accelerating demand for analytics, staying ahead of the unexpected requires insight across the organization. Which is why an IT infrastructure capable of handling and processing a variety of analytics requirements, from all types of groups, is so important.

IBM can help organizations efficiently manage varying workloads and volumes of data. By optimizing software with hardware and incorporating domain knowledge and expertise, IBM provides solutions that meet a variety of analytics workloads.

  • Measure and monitor business performance
  • Model business trends and simulate scenarios
  • Predict potential threats and opportunities

Learn more about the importance of an infrastructure optimized for analytics. Access the complimentary analyst paper, "Business Analytics Buying Criteria: The Three Maxims," by Clabby Analytics

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Act with confidence in real time

When you get down to it, the most important moment is right now.

Decisions need to be made. Transactions must take place. Customers, suppliers and partners want answers. Immediately.

Pervasive and real-time embedded analytics demands higher infrastructure resiliency. After all, you want to feel confident that the infrastructure is always available, secure and able to provide seamless integration of your data, analytics applications and business processes.

IBM Systems and Storage solutions, such as IBM Watson™, reason, learn and adapt in real time, resiliently, enabling you to:

  • Accelerate real-time decision making
  • Adjust dynamically to market and business demands, at point of impact
  • Act with confidence to optimize outcomes

For more on leveraging analytics in the face of changing dynamics and pervasive data growth, read the complimentary paper on the value of analytics

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Anjul Bhambhri

Vice President, Big Data Development

About Anjul

Anjul Bhambhri has 23 years of experience in the database industry with engineering and management positions at IBM, Informix and Sybase. She is currently IBM’s Vice President of Big Data Products, overseeing product strategy and business partnerships. Previously at IBM, Anjul focused on application and data lifecycle management tools and spearheaded the development of XML capabilities in DB2 database server. In 2009, she received the YWCA of Silicon Valley’s “Tribute to Women in Technology” Award.