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Smarter computing

The IT infrastructure that enables a Smarter Planet

Optimizing systems with Linux

As a leader in advancing the Linux platform, IBM helps its customers cut costs, reduce complexity and free up resources to fuel innovation

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How Linux reduces your costs

  • Cuts infrastructure costs in half by consolidating workloads

  • Removes financial barriers through improved efficiency and performance of individual workloads

  • Optimizes x86 workload consolidation with more secure and scalable virtualization than VMware on x86

  • Reduces TCO through IBM's optimized systems and virtualization technology

  • Frees up datacenters from vendor lock-in with open innovation on all IBM server and storage systems

  • Increases choice and flexibility options for scaling your business

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Large scale Linux consolidation

Consolidating workloads onto more powerful systems allows enterprises to meet their growing business demands at reduced operational costs, delivering new opportunities and more value to businesses.

Doing more with less

See how Linux consolidation can save you money, time, and space while growing your IT to meet increasing business demands (02:46min)

Optimized systems | Video

Linux consolidation brings business value

Watch how two emerging companies become more efficient (03:10min)

Optimized systems | Video

Enterprise consolidation

Reduce operational costs, improve scalability, availability, and reliability Premium content — register

Optimized systems | White paper

More on Linux consolidation

Learn more about transforming your IT economics through Linux consolidation

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