Simplify mainframe systems management and operations with AIOps

Companies are looking to simplify IT operations and resolve complex problems quickly. AIOps for IBM zSystems™ uses automation to help detect and analyze events/anomalies to identify potential issues, isolate problems, analyze root causes, and resolve issues faster, so that teams can focus on driving business outcomes.

AIOps for IBM zSystems Overview

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Use AI to solve IT challenges

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used to solve many IT challenges. Find out why the mainframe is critical to the success of any AIOps adoption effort.


Incident identification

Monitor hybrid infrastructure and applications to detect events and anomalies.

Monitoring and observability

Simplify the monitoring and management of IBM zSystems environments with a single tool set.

Application performance management

Improve visibility with end-to-end visibility across hybrid cloud applications.

Anomaly detection

Use intelligent anomaly detection to avoid costly incidents.

Root cause analysis

Analyze events and anomalies to isolate problems and identify root causes.

Performance and capacity planning

Collect data in near real time for curation and reporting of performance, cost and capacity management.

Cross-domain metrics and trace analysis

Detect bottlenecks in code, server resources or with external dependencies.

Log analytics

Accelerate hybrid incident identification with real-time operational analytics.

Anomaly correlation

Correlate anomalous activities across z/OS subsystems.

Automate IT

Automate IT Operations and respond to incidents and anomalies faster to improve resiliency.

Intelligent automation

Goal-driven policy-based system automation for a consistent and reliable automation cross enterprise.

Collaborative incident remediation

Improved collaboration and faster incident resolution through chat-based operations and user-friendly dashboards.

Storage automation

Automate, manage and monitor IBM z/OS® storage resources including cloud tiers.

Predictive workload automation

End-to-end workload automation with embedded predictive scheduling for SLA management cross enterprise.

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