As skylines grow higher, modern buildings are serving increasingly more people. With tens of thousands of passengers on the move at times in a single building, elevators and escalators face growing pressure to handle more traffic.

This amount of traffic brings great responsibility to keep all these people moving smoothly and safely every day. KONE services over a million elevators and escalators and building doors at some of the world’s tallest and most notable structures.

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Enter Watson

KONE uses the IBM Watson IoT platform and its cognitive capabilities in many different ways. For example, it helps predict the condition of the elevator or escalator, thereby helping customers manage their equipment over its life cycle. By bringing artificial intelligence into services, KONE can help predict and suggest resolutions to potential problems.

All in all, this means less downtime, fewer faults and detailed information for maintenance crews on the performance and usage of equipment. For people who use elevators and escalators, it means less waiting time, fewer delays, and the potential for new, personalized experiences.

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How KONE is working with Watson

  • KONE services over a million elevators and escalators that move a billion people a day.
  • Watson is able to analyze IoT sensors in each elevator.
  • If Watson identifies a possible problem, technicians are notified. Symptoms are addressed before they become problems.