Equals 3 is a smarter business

Today’s agencies and brands deal in data coming from all directions, all the time. This onslaught is a reality that increases the demand on businesses and platforms year after year. So much so that in a field ruled by deep insights and their discovery, the best businesses outpace the competition by how fast they can identify and understand unfathomably large amounts of data. That’s why Equals 3 created the Lucy platform in 2015, and IBM Watson Advertising is now bringing it to marketers—at scale—with IBM Marketing Planner with Lucy.
With Lucy, marketers can derive insights from heaps of marketing data and convert that information into actionable strategies. Lucy’s cognitive offerings process unstructured and structured data, draw relationships between disparate sources, and accelerate breakthroughs, empowering users to perform large tasks in much less time. And it’s all built on IBM foundations. IBM Cloud offered Equals 3 exactly what it needed to provide a breakthrough platform that could make marketing data easily accessible across the enterprise. As a standout competitor, Watson’s technology proved to be the edge Equals 3 needed to craft Lucy into a robust and adaptable tool.

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Lucy accelerates research and discovery

Powered by Watson, Lucy is able to understand natural language queries—learning as marketers work with her—and build profiles according to user specifications, inputs, and other data. She’s the definitive solution to marketers spending too much time sifting through information on their own, allowing them to focus on what they do best: Crafting strategies and making critical decisions.
Hosted in a hybrid infrastructure combining powerful, bare metal servers and virtual resources, Lucy and Equals 3 deliver results to Fortune 1000 companies and the agencies serving them. With leading support from IBM and its cloud-hosting solutions, Lucy and Equals 3 can provide tools at the intersection of speed and efficacy for any client, without ever sacrificing quality.

Continued learning and improvement

Through Watson’s machine learning capabilities, Lucy is learning all the time—and so is Equals 3. Taking what they’ve learned since launch and adding even more powerful technologies, Equals 3 released Lucy 2.0 in February 2018, which is available to marketers through IBM Watson Advertising. In addition to a completely revamped interface, there are expanded capabilities, including an automated workflow, predictive media modeling, and more than 20 additional features and enhancements to help marketers derive value from their data more efficiently and effectively.
Lucy 2.0 is learning to work with more complicated data sets to automate workflows specific to each client’s processes. When marketers need reoccurring key information, Lucy can deliver instantly. Custom templates are built around business processes and workflow needs. Marketers simply select which snapshot they want to see, including media spending, brand analysis, consumer behavior, and web analytics, and she gets it done. Specific data that lives deep within industry sources—such as Nielsen, MRI, Kantar, and NPD—can now be collected in just minutes. Pulling from multiple sources or one sophisticated database, Lucy crunches the numbers and turns them into easy-to-interpret graphics that look like they took hours to build.