Business automation IP Advisor IBM IP Advisor with Watson (IPA)
IPA is an AI driven patent search platform resulting in faster and more relevant results
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Business Value

IBM’s IP Advisor with Watson combines deep intellectual property and patent knowledge with AI from Watson Discovery, News, Analytics and Knowledge Studio. Applying AI and Machine learning to the patent space in a multi-tiered approach provides much faster and stronger results than a keyword or semantic search: providing new insights and better decision support.

  • Driven by business use cases
  • Cross industry applicability – anyone with patents or litigation
  • Cost savings - Re-engineer Evidence of Use and Prior Art searches, speed and accuracy
  • Increased revenues - Find more relevant assets for licensing or assigning leveraging AI and NLP
Feature spotlights

Watson ingestion and understanding of concepts, categories, key phrases, context and entities speeds analysis results across large data sets.


Patent specific understanding of abstract, claims and specifications, enriched independently in addition to natural language understanding and machine learning enhance the accuracy of the returned matches.

New Insights

Side by side compares in multiple directions (document to patent, patent to document, patent to patent or document to document) and the use of natural language processing provide additional insights keyword searches would never identify.

Bring Your Own Data

Worldwide public patents, upload pre-published patent and any non-patent literature; use of web crawl for added data identification. Added ability to search news with custom queries and event notifications.

What, where and why

More than a list of patents, IPA shows what, where and why passages and claims/elements match, with relevancy scores.

Use Case Driven

Evidence of use, prior art, SEP checks, product coverage, cluster creation, maintenance assessment, merger and acquisition support and more.

Example Use Case: Evidence of Use

Companies, including IBM, are using IPA to analyze 3rd party products and documents against their patent sets to find evidence of use.


  • Too much data, large files to analyze.
  • Difficult and time consuming to find the evidence of use and create proof packages either for licensing or litigation.


  • Leverage IPA to load 3rd party documents and analyze against your patent set.
  • Use the compares, analytics and outputs to create your proof packages faster and with more relevant matches.
Real Results

IBM has been leveraging IP Advisor with Watson internally since late 2017

  • Decrease time spent investigating evidence of use
  • Increased licensing revenues with more relevant finds
  • Decreasing prosecution by finding relevant prior art before filings

“IP Advisor has become an integral search tool for use in assertion mining. Watson’s cognitive approach complements both IBM’s internal portfolio management tools and conventional third-party databases to quickly sort the wheat from the chaff. As it stands today, any comprehensive assertion effort requires IP Advisor because it finds assets that other tools do not.”
 - Dr. William LaFontaine Jr., General manager, Intellectual Property, IBM

Industry Focus - Electronics and High Tech

Why is Intellectual Property important to Electronics Companies and High Tech Companies?

Need to stimulate innovation to keep up with rapidly changing technology

  • Align IP strategy with Business Strategy
  • Culture of innovation and IP management
  • What do you have and what do you need
  • IP quick turnarounds (Faster landscapes, analysis, disclosures, applications)
  • Effective harvesting, managing and leveraging IP assets
  • Protecting IP assets

Strategic M&A to expand Market Presence, Geographic Reach or new Technologies

  • Portfolio valuations
  • IP quick turnarounds (faster landscape analysis, disclosures, applications)
  • Negotiation
  • Change Management
  • Portfolio Management

Global operations

  • Global patent protection and maintenance costs
  • Cross country protection of IP with multiple partners for suppliers and manufacturers
  • Collaboration security and IP protection during design and manufacture
  • Supports auditing adherence to technology export rules
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