What is IT operational excellence?

Excellence means that your operations and systems management teams are able to cost-efficiently deliver always-on performance – with the highest security and compliance. With IBM Z you can:

Leverage a resilient, efficient platform

The new IBM z15™ system lets you:

  • Reduce vendor costs up to 40% by consolidating
  • Lower risk and recover service up to 2x faster
  • Gain resiliency and up to 99.99999% uptime*

Apply AI to operations

Process and analyze operations data from single point.

Find, visualize and analyze operational data.

Quantify and optimize your IBM Z resources.

Ease systems management and reduce costs

Comprehensively manage for your z/OS® enterprise.

Automate network and systems management on IBM Z.

Easily monitor and manage your z/OS environments.

Improve service and application performance

Monitor transaction and resource metrics from z/OS® subsystems.

Manage batch applications by leveraging analytics.

Improve productivity and deliver efficient performance.

Hear from analysts

Businesses that modernize their mainframe report:

  • >6:1 ratio of benefits to costs
  • $194 million per year higher/protected revenue per organization
  • 19% lower mainframe cost of operations
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Industry success

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Platform economics

Enhance business value with IT operations on IBM Z.


Save time and lower costs with Service Management Suite.


Get a practical guide to manage JVM performance on z/OS.

IBM Z Application Performance Management Connect

Gain visibility into mainframe application components in AppDynamics.

IBM Service Management Unite (SMU)

Use dashboards to monitor the health status of automation domains and nodes.


See how to monitor Java VMs on z/OS including CICS, Db2, IMS, WebSphere, Liberty, z/OS Connect, and ODM.

Infrastructure costs

Estimate the total IT costs for new applications and platform changes.

SHARE 2020

Enjoy 500+ technical sessions and hands-on labs on enterprise IT hot topics.

Future-proof your skills

Explore more IBM Z webinars and find upcoming events.


* 99.99999% disclaimer: Internal data based on measurements and projections was used in calculating the expected value. The z15 servers must be configured in a parallel sysplex using z/OS 2.3 or above; GDPS management of data and middleware recovery across Metro distance systems and storage, including GDPS Metro Multi-site Workload and GDPS Continuous Availability; and DS888X with IBM HyperSwap. Necessary resiliency technology must be enabled, such as System Managed CF Structure Duplexing, Sysplex failure management and Capacity Provisioning Manager. Other configurations may provide different availability characteristics.