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Unlock new levels of productivity on the IBM Z platform with a generative AI assistant
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A new era of mainframe productivity with generative AI assistants

IBM watsonx™ Assistant for Z enhances user productivity by packaging decades of experience and best practices into the tools your team needs to engage with and manage the mainframe.


This artificial intelligence (AI) assistant is designed to simplify and optimize the execution of both complex and repeated tasks by codifying the knowledge of Z experts into a trusted set of automation that can be used by system programmers, operators and developers of all experience levels.


IBM watsonx Assistant for Z improves IBM Z® users' autonomy and confidence by reducing the time to onboard new-to-Z users and accelerating knowledge transfer from Z experts.


Revolutionizing your mainframe experience

Join this webinar to discover how conversational AI and IT automation transform the management of the mainframe for IBM Z users of all experience levels.

Gartner report: "The state of IBM mainframe at 60"

Gartner report: The state of IBM mainframe at 60 years

Customer benefits Increase productivity

Enhance IBM Z users' productivity, autonomy and confidence by simplifying access to information and automating time-consuming tasks.

Minimize the learning curve

Help new-to-Z users access the IBM Z domain knowledge base and get answers to their questions with conversational AI capabilities.

Codify your knowledge base

Enable IBM Z experts to codify their IBM Z knowledge for improved access to information and collaboration.

Key features
Conversational AI assistant Deliver self-service experiences that yield curated answers and timely assistance with a contextually aware, conversational assistant.

Intelligent automation Use recommended next-best actions and run automation to complete tasks by using skills that are relevant to your conversation.

Skills catalog Discover and import existing workflows as skills seamlessly into the product catalog or build custom skills for your specific use cases.

Built on watsonx Orchestrate

IBM watsonx™ Orchestrate delivers conversational AI and automation capabilities to transform how work gets done in the enterprise. Orchestrate is personalized with the skills to support the work of your team, using the tools they already use every day. With a next-generation AI assistant builder that harnesses the power of generative AI and automation, domain experts are empowered to create new and compelling AI assistants through a powerful low-code build experience.

Built upon IBM watsonx Orchestrate and in partnership with IBM Research®, watsonx Assistant for Z uses a customized large language model (LLM) and a Z domain-specific retrieval augmented generation (RAG) framework. By using watsonx Assistant for Z, you can seamlessly import existing trusted automation created with Ansible®, JCL and REXX, among others, into the product catalog and start automation through a conversational chat experience.


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Resources Revolutionizing your mainframe experience

Imagine having accurate responses and flawless task execution at your fingertips. Join the webinar to see how conversational AI and IT automation transform IBM Z for all users.

The state of the IBM mainframe at 60

60 years on, the IBM mainframe remains essential. As new challenges emerge, infrastructure and operations leaders can use research to maximize their IBM mainframe investments and adapt to modern demands.

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