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In the midst of digital transformation, healthcare organizations must work to unify fragmented systems, policies and processes to drive better patient outcomes, regulatory compliance and overall efficiencies. Simultaneously, they must prepare for industry shifts to improve their competitive position and employee and patient experiences, and to drive revenue.

IBM healthcare consultants with deep industry expertise and a comprehensive approach serve as experienced guides to help design and implement successful programs, from performance improvement and resource management to patient experience. A healthcare consulting team can help design a technology roadmap that addresses urgent needs and emerging requirements. Developing smart and flexible strategies for both technology and processes, we can help you exceed current expectations and experience true business transformation.

Improve efficiency and optimize margins
Increase revenue from surgical services Using proprietary modeling and methodologies, IBM Watson Health Consulting can help healthcare providers increase revenue by optimizing factors that impact when, where and how often surgical services are provided. Learn more
Benefits Collaborate with an experienced team

Engage with experienced healthcare consulting experts across a range of business needs.

Access customized services to meet your needs

Gain access to IBM's collaborative approach to help achieve your healthcare organization goals from patient to payer satisfaction.

Leverage IBM's combined and varied strengths

Tap into industry-leading technology as well as proven process efficiencies to achieve your health plan's goals.

Solutions Healthcare digital transformation
Healthcare consulting can transport you to digital transformation by leveraging conversational artificial intelligence (AI), secure data transfers and automated aspects of prior authorization to help enhance operational efficiencies and patient satisfaction.
Healthcare data management
Healthcare organizations are turning to new applications and technologies for data analysis, platform management and security, as well as data ingestion and storage.
Patient engagement
Improve health outcomes with IBM Phytel®, a patient engagement platform that coordinates patient-centric care, which narrows the gaps in care, empowers patients and optimizes your clinicians' time.
Clinical trials optimization
Clinical trials optimization solutions depend on design thinking and IBM Garage™ methodology. Implementing efficient workflows using real-world data, analytics and visualization can inform better decision making.
Revenue cycle management
By investing in a system that encourages perpetual innovation, organizations can develop the robust healthcare revenue cycle they need to support their long-term missions.