The IBM Blockchain Platform — now on more clouds for your business needs

The world’s leading blockchain for business platform bridges differences — different companies, different industries, different ways of working — to solve common goals. That now extends to different computing environments too.

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Run on the IBM Cloud

The IBM Blockchain Platform on IBM Cloud — deployed with Kubernetes — offers advanced control, flexibility, scalability and enhanced developer tools.

It provides total control over your network and certificates, featuring an award-winning user interface that simplifies and accelerates the deployment and management of Hyperledger Fabric components. You can also access key capabilities including:

Build your network faster, easier and seamlessly.
With smooth integration between smart contract development (VS Code) and network management; simplified DevOps to move from development to test to production in a single environment, and support for writing smart contracts in JavaScript, Java, and Go.

Operate and govern networks with total control.
Deploy only the components you need (Peer, Ordering Service, Certificate Authority) and upgrade easily through Kubernetes. The redesigned console lets you manage all network components in one place, no matter where they’re deployed, giving you complete control of your identities, ledger, and smart contracts.

Grow distributed networks with ease through multicloud flexibility.
Connect to nodes running in any environment (on- premises, public, hybrid clouds). Easily connect a single peer to multiple industry networks. Start small, pay as you grow for what you need with no upfront investment.

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Run in your private cloud (even on-premises)

Run blockchain behind your own firewall with the IBM Blockchain Platform, making it easy to ignite transformation in your enterprise and among business network participants while managing costs, security and data sovereignty.

That’s because we’ve combined access to leading industry standard bearers — Red Hat® OpenShift® and the IBM Blockchain Platform — to bring you everything you need to build, operate, govern and grow blockchain applications and networks in any hybrid, multicloud or on-premises environment.

Run in third-party clouds

Already have a cloud or multicloud strategy and need to run workloads in those environments? With the IBM Blockchain Platform, you can deploy in the environment that meets your requirements to easily manage costs, security and data sovereignty.

The IBM Blockchain Platform includes an application platform for developing and managing containerized applications, plus Red Hat® OpenShift® – the leading Kubernetes container orchestration platform – with private image repository, management console and monitoring frameworks.

This offering is ideal for organizations who:

  • Want to keep a copy of the ledger and run workloads on their preferred infrastructure for security, risk mitigation, or compliance reasons
  • Need to store data in specific locations to meet data residency requirements
  • Need to deploy blockchain components in multiple cloud or hybrid cloud architectures to meet consortium needs

Why choose the IBM Blockchain Platform?

Innovators around the world are reinventing business with the IBM Blockchain Platform. Built on open-source Hyperledger Fabric, it’s the easiest and fastest way for you to unlock the game-changing potential of blockchain for business on a global scale.

  • Easy-to-use development toolsets to help make any developer a blockchain developer — Free VS Code Extension
  • Support for multiple smart contract languages: Node.js, Go, Java and more
  • Rapid network creation with industry use case sample code
  • Operational dashboards and tools to simplify governance and management of your blockchain network
  • Add new members and create secure, private channels in seconds
  • Always-on, designed for rolling update migrations and zero network downtime
  • IBM Blockchain Platform generates 100% Hyperledger Fabric compatible artifacts — and if desired, you can “pick up your network” and migrate it to another vendor’s Fabric based offering without much/any fidelity loss.

Your blockchain for business vision — now with flexible deployment options. Start developing with the IBM Blockchain Platform now.