What is SPSS Statistics for healthcare?

See how analytics can improve quality, lower costs and improve patient outcomes.

Key points

Implement a data-driven model of care with IBM SPSS Statistics

Finding meaningful insights

IBM SPSS Statistics comes with a wide range of procedures: linear regression, monte carlo simulation (predicted what-if), geographical analysis and more. Watch the demo below to see how some of these features can help you find insights about your patient data.

Predict the unknown

IBM SPSS Statistics lets you easily investigate the relationship between variables, such as patient treatment and dose responses in clinical trials. Watch the demo below for an example.

Understanding complex relationships

IBM SPSS Statistics provides univariate and multivariate modeling techniques to help you reach the most accurate conclusions when working with data describing complex relationships.

Featured product

IBM SPSS Statistics

Propel research and analysis with a fast and powerful solution

IBM SPSS Statistics:

  • Quickly understand large and complex datasets using advanced statistical procedures ensuring high accuracy to drive quality decision-making
  • Reveal deeper insights and provide better confidence intervals via visualizations including geographic spatial analysis
  • Programmability for advanced users that leverages common statistical programming languages in the market (Python, R)
  • Process and deploy analytics faster with flexible deployment options