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IBM Navigator for i - Documentation on Functional Areas



Details on the functional areas in the new IBM Navigator for i and links to details and specifics on the implementation.


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Functional areas of Navigator for i:
For details on PTF updates, go here:
Function or Area Available Components
Dashboard    List Dashboard or List View
Documentation Documentation Launch
Favorites and Search Favorites and Search When you find the content you are interested in, look at URL to find out where you are at (URL will include component or functional area in the name).  Such as:   http://<systemName>:2002/Navigator/mainframe/cfg/system-values
Management Node and Multisystem Configuration:
Systems Multisystem
Inquiry Messages
Administration Runtime Expert (ARE)
Add Node System Tray
Home Home - managing node
Serviceability Serviceability
Connection Properties
View GUI Logs
Configure GUI Logs
Single System Management:
Home Home - one system
About Get current node release, GUI build time, Java version and PTFs
Manage Favorites
Set up available IASPs
Work Management Work Management Jobs
Memory Pools
Advanced Job Scheduler (AJS)
  • Properties
  • Scheduled Jobs
  • Job Groups
  • Activity Log
  • Notification
Configuration and Service Configuration and Service
System Values
Program Temporary Fixes (PTFs)
PTF Groups
License Information
single system System
System Status
Disk Status
System Operator Messages
History Log
Temporary Storage
SQL Services
  • Exit Programs
  • Environment Variables
  • Watch Sessions
  • IASP Information
  • Hardware Resources
  • NVMe Devices
  • SSD Status
  • Disk Status
  • NVMe Devices
  • SSD Status
  • IASP Information
Monitor Monitors
Message Monitors Overview
My Work My Work
My Messages
My Printer Output
My Jobs
My Objects
My IFS Objects
  • Host Server
TCP/IP Configuration
  • Connections
  • Interfaces
  • Routes
  • Lines
  • Manage Host Table
  • TCP/IP Attributes
  • TCP/IP Configuration Properties
IP Policies
  • Packet Rules > Create & manage IP packet rules
  • Virtual Private Networking
  • > Properties
  • > Defaults
  • > IP Security Policies
  • > Secure Connections
Network Attributes
Web Admin function HTTP and IAS server tables
Security Configuration Info
Audit Journal
Authority Collection
  • Users
  • Objects
Authorization Lists
Function Usage > Function Usage IDs
  • Manage Intrusion Detection
  • Manage Policies
  • Display Events
  • Manage Master Keys
  • Manage Cryptographic Keystore Files
Network Authentication Service
  • Configuration Wizard
  • Keytab Wizard - Add or update keytab
  • Properties
  • Realms
Enterprise Identity Mapping (EIM) > How to configure EIM and NAS using IBM Navigator for i
Users and Groups Users and Groups Users and Groups
Performance - Performance Data Investigator (PDI) and more
Investigate Data
Manage Collections
Collection Services configuration
Graph History
File System File System
File Shares
Book Mark
IBM Web Administration for i
IPP Server for IBM i
Cryptographic Coprocessor Configuration
Digital Certificate Manager (DCM) Enable TLS for Navigator
Bookmarks and Favorites Import & Export
BRMS Configuring the BRMS Web Interface
Infrastructure: Tables
These tables load portions of the result list to the browser side and leave the rest on server side for improved performance.
  • PTFs
  • Active Jobs
  • Messages
  • Printer Output
    • My Printer Output
  • History Log
  • IFS
  • Message Monitor
  • Network Connections
  • Audit Journal
  • Authority Collection
  • Users
Multitasking  with new Navigator
View Alerts
Content Manager OnDemand for i Content Manager OnDemand for i
administrative functions
articles, presentations, links
BRMS User Interface Strategy - SQL services outside of Navigator
PowerHA PowerHA for i wiki
If you are looking for documentation on the heritage IBM Navigator for i, which runs under the ADMIN2 server, look here:


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14 May 2024