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The new Navigator for i provides many new functions and some that are new evolutions of old favorites. This document lists the many functions in which customers are interested. It is our current plan to deliver these enhancements in future releases of IBM Navigator for i.


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New Navigator for i - future work

- Potential Functions and Enhancements for future releases 1

Function or Area Component Details to be added
Manage Favorites
Preserve column and filter settings
Work Management
Active JVM Jobs
Include appropriate JVM actions
My Work
My Objects
My IFS Objects
Additional actions to be added
Performance - Performance Data Investigator (PDI) and more Investigate Data
Favorites and bookmarks
Charting Enhanced context filtering
PEX perspectives
Monitors Package Thresholds
Health Indicators Package
Modify health indicators thresholds
Manage collections Save & restore
Disk Watcher start, stop
Create report based on multiple perspectives
Command-line ability to generate reports
Configuration and Services
Tape Devices
Tape Support
PTF groups
Install, manage, and distribute PTFs
File system
Authorization List
Additional actions
Cryptographic Service key management
Network TCP/IP Servers - LDAP
LDAP tools
DNS Servers
User-Defined Servers
Additional actions
Network > Remote Access
IP Policies Create & manage IP packet rules
Database All Db2 for i function is in Access Client Solutions (ACS)
Advanced Job Scheduler (AJS) Work in progress
BRMS BRMS User Interface Strategy

Advanced Job Scheduler, BRMS, and PowerHA are not available within New Nav at this time. 

1 All statements regarding IBM's future directions and intent are subject to change or withdrawn without notice and represent goals and objectives only.

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28 September 2022