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The Web Admin GUI product is being replaced by Web Administration tasks and functions within Navigator for i. Web Admin enhancements to IBM Navigator for i will be phased in over time.

Web Admin GUI will be available until an end of service date is planned.
Changes will be posted here and under the documentation on Functional Areas sections for PTFs as new functions are added to IBM Navigator for i.


This is a list of the Web Admin function now available in IBM Navigator for i (with the latest HTTP Group PTF):

Navigator has added a table for certificate stores.  To initialize the Certificate Store table, Navigator (monitor) server needs to be stopped and restarted after installing the latest HTTP group.  Follow the steps here.

HTTP Servers

The HTTP Servers page provides a list of the active Apache HTTP servers on the IBM i machine. It also serves as a hub for all Web Administration functionality that applies to HTTP servers.


You can find the page by going to Network > Web Administration > HTTP Servers

This will display a list of HTTP servers that are on the managed system.
Screenshot of HTTP Servers page with example servers.

Right-click on a server or select a server and click on the Actions menu to view a list of options.

- Start (Start the server)
- Stop (Stop the server)
- Configure
Click Configure to open a dialog to read & edit the Apache config file for the selected server:
The configuration dialog has two select-able modes: Display and Edit
  • Display mode is strictly for looking at the configuration file. When the dialog is in Display mode, the file content cannot be edited or changed.
  • In Edit mode, the file contents can be edited or changed.

Application Servers

The IAS & IWS Servers page provides a list of the active Java application servers on the IBM i machine. It also serves as a hub for all Web Administration functionality that applies to Java Application servers.


Access the Application Servers page from Network > Web Administration > Application Servers
Once there, you will see a list of the Application servers on the system.
On the left of each row, there is an expand button. This row expansion displays the selected server's HTTP Endpoints. The HTTP Endpoints are how users can find if a server is TLS configured, and what ports are active for the server. 
Once a server is selected, right-click on it or open the Actions menu to see the following options:
- Start (Start the server)
- Stop (Stop the server)
- View Log Files
Select View Log Files to open the log viewer page.
Screenshot of the View Log files dialog with a log file right clicked, showing the "View" option
Right-click on a log file for the View option, where a new tab is opened in the page to view the corresponding log file.
You can also click the View button on the bottom of the page once a file is selected.

Certificate Stores Table
The Certificate Stores table serves as a tool to help users keep track of the Certificate stores installed on their IBM i system. The table can be found in Network > Web Administration > Certificate Stores
The actions menu provides two functions for this table:
  1. Add *SYSTEM store
  2. Add Existing Certificate Store
Add *SYSTEM Store adds the DCM *SYSTEM store automatically provided that Navigator is able to locate the *SYSTEM store file on the system. If the file cannot be found, the user will receive an error detailing that the file is missing.
Add Existing Certificate Store allows the user to add any Certificate store they have access to on the system.  They can name the store. 
Once the data is entered and OK is clicked, Navigator will check the filesystem for the provided file path. If the Certificate Store exists, it will be added to the table with the provided name. 
** NOTE: It is possible to add the *SYSTEM store using the Add Existing Certificate Store feature. This is not recommended, as the "IBM Provisioned" column is entered as "FALSE" when using this feature. It's recommended to use the Add *SYSTEM Store feature instead **

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20 June 2024