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TCP/IP Servers

NetServer - Functions
Disabled User IDs

A user profile becomes disabled when the user tries to access IBM i NetServer a specified number of times with an incorrect password. A user profile cannot become completely disabled when connecting to a system with IBM i NetServer. If a user exceeds the maximum number of sign-on attempts, the user profile becomes disabled for IBM i NetServer use only. Other types of access, such as a system sign-on, are not prevented.

The user can manage these disabled user profiles or enable them in the list.


The IBM i NetServer Status dialog box contains important statistical information that can help you to effectively administer IBM i NetServer.


You can view and configure IBM i NetServer properties, such as general settings, security settings, and WINS configuration.

TCP/IP Servers > IBM i NetServer

LDAP - Network configure publishing and unconfigure publishing function

Configure your system to publish certain information into a Directory Server on the same system or on a different system as well as user-defined information. The operating system automatically publishes this information to the Directory Server when you use IBM® Navigator for i to change this information on IBM i. Information that you can publish includes system (systems and printers), print shares, user information, and TCP/IP quality of service policies.

TCP/IP Servers > Configure Publishing

 Find more information on the IBM Documentation page:

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27 April 2022