Each Passport Advantage Site, including the Originating and all Additional Sites, with current Software Subscription and Support [also referred to as Software Maintenance] coverage must assign a Site Technical Contact (STC) also known as the Primary STC (PSTC).

Responsible for overall support compliance for your Passport Advantage Site, the PSTC is responsible for creating and managing a list of up to 9 Secondary Site Technical Contacts (SSTCs) and an unlimited number of Authorized Callers who can access IBM's Service Request (SR). SR is an electronic problem submission tool that you can use to create Problem Management Records (PMRs) to report and manage issues you are having while installing or using IBM software.

PSTC and SSTC roles and responsibilities

Allocate and maintain Authorized Caller and Authorized Reader lists.

Change the status of the Authorized Callers and Readers, which can limit that person’s access to electronic support. The status flags for Authorized Callers can be set as follows:

Keep all Site access and Authorized Caller / Reader information current.

Ensure overall support compliance for the software products within their Site.

More information

For more information on IBM Software Support and Technical Support, download the IBM Software Support Handbook. An excellent on-line reference, the handbook provides detailed information on the following topics: