Available for selected IBM Software products, Fixed Term Licenses (FTL) offer you the flexibility to 'use' licensed software for a predefined period.

Ideal for customers with varying usage requirements over time, Fixed Term Licenses have a term that begins on the date that your order is accepted by IBM; on the calendar day following the expiration of a prior Fixed Term; or on the Anniversary date. A Fixed Term License is for the definite time specified by IBM in a TD. 

Like all IBM Software licenses you acquire through Passport Advantage, Fixed Term Licenses include Software Subscription and Support ensuring your access to product upgrades and Technical Support for as long as the FTL is in effect.

FTL renewals

In most countries, unless you provide written notice of termination prior to expiration of the term, your FTL will renew automatically on the calendar day following the expiration of a prior Fixed Term License or on the calendar day following the Anniversary date.

Approximately 80-90 days before the Fixed Term License [FTL] expiration date, you'll receive a renewal quote. You can then:

Renew via Passport Advantage Online. Note: This facility is not currently available in all countries.

Note: Both FAQs and live assistance are available to help answer any questions you may have.


What if I choose not to renew?

If you choose not to renew the Fixed Term License, you must notify IBM BEFORE the Anniversary date, otherwise, payment of the invoice is due.

You will then lose the right to use the software at the end of the last day of the term of your license.

If at a later date, you choose to acquire the same product under a Fixed Term License, the Initial FTL is required.