Which is the right mainframe security workshop for you?

Ensure your mainframe security with IBM Mainframe Security Workshops multi-level evaluations

Basic workshop: For growing organizations

If your reliance on the mainframe is maturing, you may not have implemented the best security framework during rapid growth. In this no-fee workshop, you will complete a guided self-assessment tool, scoring and a thorough discussion of the results by security professionals. After completing the workshop, you should have a better understanding of your IBM Z® System framework and be aware of improvements to protect it.

Advanced workshop: For large, complex enterprises

Even with a more mature mainframe security framework, you still need to explore ways to improve your overall security posture, especially given the dynamic nature of the latest breach tactics. This advanced workshop, a half-day, no-fee engagement, is led by an experienced IBM mainframe security professional. Your domain experts will walk through a discussion of six essential security controls to help you understand where your approach may be deficient

What will your workshop tools and deliverables look like?

Security program

What is your overall security program design and structure? Process? Tools?

Security intelligence

How do you collect, analyze, and respond to security information in a centralized fashion?


How are you managing identity and access governance? Are you in compliance for your industry?


What tools and processes do you use to monitor and encrypt data?


What tools and processes are you using to analyze your application vulnerability?


What tools and processes are you using to manage your infrastructure vulnerability?

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