Who knows more about protecting zSystems than zSystems people?

Add VM network security management horsepower now

IBM z/VM is a highly secure and scalable virtualization technology for cloud infrastructure and for running critical applications. It supports Linux, z/OS, z/VSE, and z/TPF operating systems on IBM Z and LinuxONE servers and can host thousands of virtual servers on a single system. zSecure Manager for RACF z/VM simplifies the complex security administration and IT compliance issues inherent in a virtual machine environment.

With zSecure Manager for RACF z/VM you can execute queries in seconds and implement mass changes with little administrative overhead. You can identify RACF problems on the z/VM operating system, such as missing or inconsistent definitions, enabling you to fix or prevent mistakes before they become a threat to security and compliance. You can copy or move users, groups, resources, applications, or whole databases, and rename IDs within the same database. Produce reports in email format daily, on a custom schedule. Plus, IBM zSecure Manager for RACF z/VM offers an extended framework to support automation and compliance verification.

Automate routine tasks

Simplify complex security administration tasks using one-step actions that can be performed without extensive RACF knowledge.

Minimize threats to your mainframe

View vital z/VM information and swiftly identify and fix problems that might require further investigation. Rank issues by audit priority with a number indicating the relative impact of a problem.

Have a single source of truth

Merge security rules from different databases: copy or move users, groups, resources, applications, or whole databases. Rename IDs within the same database.

Verify security effectiveness

Perform—when merging—extensive consistency checks and report potential conflicts before generating commands. Create a comprehensive audit trail without substantial manual effort.

zSecure RACF z/VM improves auditing and compliance reporting

  • Simplify security administration through automation
  • Lower breach risks with automated analysis and reporting
  • Merge security rules from different databases
  • Analyze RACF profiles to get fast answers
  • Customize reports to meet your specific needs
  • Support external files of existing data